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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rapid Fire Review: Flight Path by Paul Grescoe

Flight Path: How WestJet Is Flying High in Canada's Most Turbulent IndustryFlight Path: How WestJet Is Flying High in Canada's Most Turbulent Industry by Paul Grescoe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Figured my last book of the year had to be about the company that I was just hired for and start working for them in the new year. Fascinating story and obviously well researched. I did find reading it at times to be a bit of a challenge as it jumps around a bit and some of the writing is stilted. That being said it did make me feel inspired to start working for them. They seem to be a company that truly understands that to make a company successful and make your customers happy, you hire the right people and you stand behind them and treat them well. Author does a great job at explaining PACT and how it was a fabulous solution about the problems of Unions (FYI I am a huge oppressor to Unions after having to work in a Union environment for 9 years) Unions do nothing really to help out employees and it often leads to only employees doing the bare minimum instead of inspiring them to be the best they can be. Also impressed with what the company does to help those who are scared of flying. Good background information on an inspired company.

"If you look after the employees, your guests are looked after, and if you look after your guests, you look after your shareholders. It's a pretty simple formula."


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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Rapid Fire Review: Unselling by Scott Stratten

UnSelling: The New Customer ExperienceUnSelling: The New Customer Experience by Scott Stratten
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Informative,on point and charmingly funny. A book that I really believe could make a difference to companies everywhere. Fantastic pieces of advice being that if you create good products/services , don't be an asshole, hire competent people and treat them well -- you will succeed. Thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot and will be picking up copies of his other books. Some other random thoughts while I drink wine and type up this review. I have never heard Social Media described in terms of donuts, but damn, it totally makes sense. The Chapter about publishing was interesting as I now get the point of pre-orders in terms of placement on Bestsellers lists. Rather amazed that after working for Chapters for 5 years and book blogging for at least 8, I didn't understand this. I was a little disappointed of the mentions of Barnes and Noble and Amazon, but no mention of Indigo. Sent the book info to one of my favourite people, Jeremy -- and I hope it was interesting and helpful for him as well. There is also a chapter that compares Westjet and Air Canada. Westjet just hired me and the chapter made me feel that I chose the right company to apply for. Oh yeah and they mentioned Forty Creek, so I decided to try some and it was good. But umm I am a wine girl and not used to stronger liquor -- sorry honey for falling asleep while watching Quantico with you -- it wasn't me -- it was the whiskey.

Favourite Quotes/Passage

"Knowledge plus passion for product and/or service equals profit."

"Hire for passion and treat employees with value and respect - that way when you get what you pay for , you'll be getting awesome work, instead of a whole lot of nothing."

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