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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rapid Fire Review: A Trail Through Time by Jodi Taylor

A Trail Through Time (The Chronicles of St. Mary's #4)A Trail Through Time by Jodi Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pompeii – any story that involves Pompeii is going to make me happy. Yes, I know that makes me rather maudlin, but stories involving Volcanoes interest me – not sure why, but they do. Yup Pompeii is on my bucket list – as well as Mt St Helens and Mt. Etna, Hmm wonder if in a past life I died at volcanic eruption – oooh or maybe I am a time traveler – oops I mean I investigated major historical events in contemporary time. This one doesn’t give you a chance to breathe – Its one damned thing after another (tee hee) and you are constantly on the edge of your seat. This one has tons of action, wicked humour and dialogue that is highly original. I could totally lose myself in this world - Oh Miss Taylor, you make me sad, this is a community that I would feel home in. She really shows you the humanity of historical events – that make it feel – more human -

I also feel that this book sort of tries to fix up some of the minor fuck ups in the first couple of books, Sort of saves her from some corners she wrote herself into. But hey what the hell do I know. You have read my reviews, you know I am totally all over the place.

My only complaint is, I always have urges for Chocolate, Tea and Bacon Butty (I have no idea what they are but – Ummm Bacon is always good) while reading. Hello, if you don’t love (or want to be) Max, I am not sure we can have a civilized conversation.

And also Swans, trust me – delightful

Favourite Quotes/Passages

An hour later, we’d indulged in the traditional St Mary’s ritual for dealing with any sort of crisis, which is to imbibe vast reservoirs of tea. "

“I personally think humans have got about as far as we can go. We're wrecking the planet. We're never short of good reasons to massacre each other. Wrong god. Wrong race. Wrong color. Wrong sex. I'm quite surprised a thoroughly pissed-off History hasn't waved a flaming sword and we're all back in caves in the snow, chewing on half-cooked mammoth. And even that's more than we deserve. No wonder we still can't get to Mars. I suspect the Universe is making damned sure we don't get the chance to contaminate other planets with our stupidity. It's keeping us on this one where the only thing we can damage is each other.”

This is what happens when you let men go off by themselves. They don’t have a bloody clue. They might be able to fold maps but they certainly cannot read them. I should have drawn him something in crayon which said, “I am here.” He was off enjoying a bit of a holiday while half a volcano was falling on me.”

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