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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rapid Fire Review: A Symphony of Echoes by Jodi Taylor

A Symphony of Echoes (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #2)A Symphony of Echoes by Jodi Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had a hard time rating this one, I loved it but it has some slight problems that take it from being a perfect five. I would say its more of a four out of five. My main complaint is that it jumps around a lot and had me confused at times -- but hey that often happens when it comes to time travel books. This one takes a bit of a dark turn, but at least there are some brilliant moments of humour that offset the darkness. I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about the background of some of the secondary characters and it was very fast paced. I also love the idea of going back in time and being able to witness memorable events and see historical figures in all of their humanity. Ok, I could do without the reality of the smells, lack of hygiene and misogynistic attitudes of course. The highlight of this series is of course the witty dialogue and delightfully unique characters, which make you care less about some of the plot holes that happen when dealing with time travel (oops sorry, should not use the phrase time travel, Max would be so disappointed with me.

Favourite Quotes/Passages

“Dr Maxwell. Why are you wearing a red snake in my office?’ ‘Sorry, sir. Whose office should I be wearing it in?”

"In this century. as in any other, men wore the comfortable, practical stuff, and the women wandered round expiring underneath over-decorated tea-cosies and with inadequate footwear."

"I really wasn't looking forward to this, but you can't condemn someone to death and then disown the consequences."

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