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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Calgary Comic Book Expo

The Calgary Comic Book Expo is usually the highlight of my year as I get to get my geek on and since I work for Chapters, get paid to do it.  I wasn't as in to it this year as, to be frank, I have no money and there weren't a lot of guests that I was interested in meeting.  I knew I was going to have a good time, but I wasn't counting down the hours till the event.

I did end of having tons of fun.  Mostly from hanging out with fellow Chapters/Indigo employees from my store and other stores.   It was nice being able to see Chelsea and Richard again, who have gone on to other stores and I really enjoyed chatting with Tanner and his fabulous wife Caitlyn and Tom (Thanks for he weeping angels bag I use it all the time!)

Chelsea, Tanner and Richard
Highlights this year was chatting with John Barrowman - hope his hubby likes the socks I got him.  Trust me even if you don't watch Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow, etc (and yes I think there is something a little wrong with you if you don't know who he is) you have to meet him.  He is hands down one of my favorite performers because he really does give each and everyone of his fans, his full attention.  Not to mention he is seriously handsome and hilarious! Also much to hubby's dismay, he is the reason I started watching Doctor Who. Though Jeff does love him in Arrow 

Another highlight was my eldest son, Jake and I getting a photo op with Alan Tudyk -- Jake was dressed as dead Wash and Tudyk had fun with that.

Jake, Alan Tudyk, Me
I took crap pictures this year and any of the good ones you see in this post are courtesy of Richard.  I love and hate the picture of Me, Billie Pyper and John Barrowman.  I was so flustered and unready for the picture, you can see on my face that I am thinking - what the fuck.  Wish I had just relaxed and gone with it -- but love the photo cuz its fucking hilarious.  A photo op with Barrowman is never boring

Most of our crew survived on the cereal from this one booth, Seriously Cereal.  In fact Richard bought us a round of cereal on the last day as a thank you for all our hard work.  It's fun, but fuck balls (my favorite Chelsea phrase) it is exhausting on your body -- especially your feet.

Looking forward to next year -- that's right Richard, I am in & again will bribe you with my crack for the opportunity.

As I mentioned, we had no money this year so we were very frugal.  I purchased a Doctor Who wine glass - yeah two of my favorite things all in one.  And some adorable 10th Doctor coasters. I Have to be practical and only buy things that are useful.  Trust me if I had the money I could have dropped a huge load of cash.  These events are not cheap my friends.  It will cost you a fortune just for photo ops & if you want them autographed - even more.  I really wish the talent didn't charge so much as many of us geeks - are not exactly wealthy.  Some guests are fabulous and let you chat with them without purchasing an autograph or a photo, but many are not.  

Random Photos

John was fab asked guy all sorts of questions and genuinely wanted to know everything about the man 

I hit these guys everyday - you pay a couple of bucks to get photo and all money goes to charity


Obviously John had fun here

My fabulous first born dressed as dead Wash - I am so proud

This Jawa was hilarious - made my day

Just a few of the fabulous Chaptesr employees - these guys rock

Favorite Costumes (Yup most are Richards pictures)

These girls were stunning and also a lot of fun - thanks for trying to not me feel old either 
Who doesn't love an Ash 
Dude even had the tunes playing

Our very own George RR Martin (Pat) 

No idea what he is but damn he put some work into his costume

The little Harlequinn was perfect - she had serious attitude

Sorry this isn't as detailed as in past years, but its been a while since the event and I didn't take notes like I have previously. Not to mentions its fucking hot as hades here in Calgary as I type this.  

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