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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

Furiously Happy
by Jenny Lawson
Flatiron Books
ISBN: 9781250077004
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DescriptionFor fans of David Sedaris, Tina Fey, and Mindy Kaling-the new book from Jenny Lawson, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller LET'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED...

In LET'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED, Jenny Lawson baffled readers with stories about growing up the daughter of a taxidermist. In her new book,FURIOUSLY HAPPY, Jenny explores her lifelong battle with mental illness. A hysterical, ridiculous book about crippling depression and anxiety? That sounds like a terrible idea. And terrible ideas are what Jenny does best.

According to Jenny: "Some people might think that being 'furiously happy' is just an excuse to be stupid and irresponsible and invite a herd of kangaroos over to your house without telling your husband first because you suspect he would say no since he's never particularly liked kangaroos. And that would be ridiculous because no one would invite a herd of kangaroos into their house. Two is the limit. I speak from personal experience. My husband says that none is the new limit. I say he should have been clearer about that before I rented all those kangaroos."

"Most of my favorite people are dangerously fucked-up but you'd never guess because we've learned to bare it so honestly that it becomes the new normal. Like John Hughes wrote in The Breakfast Club, 'We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it.' Except go back and cross out the word 'hiding.'" 

Jenny's first book, LET'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED, was ostensibly about family, but deep down it was about celebrating your own weirdness. FURIOUSLY HAPPY is a book about mental illness, but under the surface it's about embracing joy in fantastic and outrageous ways-and who doesn't need a bit more of that

The Good Stuff
  • There are no words to express my admiration for this real and honest writer
  • By being open and honest about her fight with mental illness' she is making a difference. The more we open up, the better chance we have of ending the stigma
  • A must read for those fighting mental illness and those who love those who suffer (ok and also for those who can laugh at the darker things in life)
  • To be honest, this was a life changing book for me.  It has inspired me to make so many positive changes
  • Encourages you to accept and love who you are, no matter how damaged you are.  At the same time encourages you to fight to get better
  • How can you not love a women who watches Doctor Who to feel better - ok Jenny,  lets agree that I will let you lick David Tennant's face, but I get to keep him after that (Yes, this is a joke people)
  • I cried and laughed and often at the same time
  • It gives me hope and makes me look at everyone in a new light - and  might make me feel more compassionate while working retail 
  • FYI - those I love will all be getting a copy for Christmas
  • Also I recommend this to those who don't understand or feel any compassion to those suffering
  • Most important thing to take from this book is "Depression Lies"  - yes friends I will be getting a tattoo of this as well
  • Raw and honest
  • Thank you Jenny.  I too have been there on those dark nights, where that inner voice tells me horrible things about myself and tells me I should just give up.  Thank you for making me feel like I am not alone, thank you for encouraging me to laugh and speak up about my quirks, and please remember, I too am here if you ever need someone to talk to. Depression lies and we should hunt that asshole depression down 
  • Encourages empathy & that my friends is worth the price of the book - we all need this
  • I really enjoyed and appreciated her what depression is like analogies 
  • All I can say is "Pinata Stupid Stake."
  • Folder of 24 - that is enough reason to buy this book
The Not So Good Stuff
  • Ummm, maybe not the best audio book to listen to while walking in public.  Lets just say people will stare because you will be double over laughing so hard tears will be streaming down your face
  • If you don't love this or take some kinda understanding for this, I don't want to know you.  Yes that is harsh, but as I mentioned, this book encouraged me to make so many changes
Favorite Quotes

“Without the dark there isn’t light. Without the pain there is no relief. And I remind myself that I’m lucky to be able to feel such great sorrow, and also such great happiness. I can grab on to each moment of joy and live in those moments because I have seen the bright contrast from dark to light and back again. I am privileged to be able to recognize that the sound of laughter is a blessing and a song, and to realize that the bright hours spent with my family and friends are extraordinary treasures to be saved, because those same moments are a medicine, a balm. Those moments are a promise that life is worth fighting for, and that promise is what pulls me through when depression distorts reality and tries to convince me otherwise.” 

"Be bizarre. Be weird. Be proud of the uniquely beautiful way that you are broken."

"He looked like he was the most excited member of your surprise party, or like a Time Lord in the process of regenerating."

"That's why you have to rely on friends and family and strangers to help you when you can't help yourself."

5 Dewey's

I am reviewing this because I think it is a must have book.  Nobody payed me shit or purchased this for me, I just love it so much I have to share - Now get yourself to a bookstore and buy the damn thing, ok.  Preferably my store Chapters Shawnessy as I vowed to sell 100 copies in 3 months