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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lady Parts by Andrea Martin

Lady Parts
by Andrea Martin
ISBN: 978-1-44340-939-1
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Description: Whether lighting up the small screen, stealing scenes on the big screen or starring on the stage, Andrea Martin has long entertained Canadians with her hilarious characterizations and heartwarming performances. An important player in SCTV, the funniest show ever to come out of Canada, Martin helped change the face of television by introducing us to a host of characters, including the indomitable Edith Prickley. Martin has worked stages, sets and even trapezes across North America, playing to houses packed with adoring fans, all of whom instantly recognize the star who has entertained us for nearly forty years.

In Lady Parts, Martin, for the first time, shares her fondest remembrances of a life in show business, motherhood, relationships, no relationships, family, chimps in tutus, squirrels, and why she flies to Atlanta to get her hair cut. Martin opens up her heart in a series of eclectic, human, always entertaining and often moving essays. Lady Parts will make you giggle and may make you cry-a powerful collection of stories by a woman with a truly storied life

The Good Stuff
  • I had to request this one as I have been told all my life that I look like her (Even Gordon Pinsent)  and well quite frankly I grew up on SCTV
  • Such a beautiful, honest, open and bloody hilarious memoir
  • Excellent choice with title, but Fake Beaver and Perky Tits would have been wonderful titles as well, though might be hard to market in a family bookstore
  • After reading her memoir I even feel more close to her.  Especially the parenting aspects and the low self esteem about ones body
  • Enjoyed the story of her first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  • Silly I know but it made me happy when she mentioned Nora Short, who went to nursing school with my mom
  • I admire her openness about talking about her battle with Bulimia, that takes courage my twin
  • Balled my eyes out when she begs forgiveness from her children about not being present while fighting her battle with Bulimia - That is very open and I believe helpful those that might be still fighting this battle
  • The story about Snow Whites inner thoughts - priceless
  • She loves Libraries
  • The chapter on Old Lady Parts is worth the price of the book alone (and I totally understand)
  • Truly did make me laugh and cry.  
  • Perfect for fans of Andrea, but as well as any women over the age of 30 (Younger women too, but they aren't going to get some things like us old broads)

The Not So Good Stuff
  • Totally flabbergasted that I didn't know she was an American (shocked I tell you, shocked) I's ok I still love you though 

Favorite Quotes/Passages

"I had no conception of what I looked like. I had always  adapted to what other people wanted me to be. Without their input my face was a blank canvas."

"I will still camp out on Toronto mayor Rob Ford's front lawn if he brings up the ludicrous and decadent idea of closing libraries again."

"Recently, I accepted the invitation to write a monthly humour column for ParentsCanada magazine. What was I thinking? I don't remember my kids' names, never mind the way I parented them nearly thirty years ago. Except hat I was anxious all the time. Worried that I was not doing it right, whatever "Doing it right| is supposed to mean."

4.75 Dewey's

I received this from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review - Thanks Cory!

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