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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Quick Getaway to Jasper

Thanks to my bestie Sarah, Jeff and I were able to take a quick getaway to Jasper.  We booked us a inexpensive hotel and took a nice and relaxed drive to Jasper.  It was a peaceful 5.5 hour drive, full of beautiful scenery, great conversation, fabulous tunes and best of all no fighting or children asking if we were there yet.  Just a few pics of our trip.

Damn these Glacier lakes are cold (Athabasca Falls)
Athabasca Falls

Columbia Icefields

Athabasca Falls
View from Jasper Gondola (No we could not afford it - but this is view from the entrance)
Jasper Park Lodge (totally could spend the day reading here)
Athabasca Glacier

Athabasca Falls
Elk Love (Finally some wildlife)

Maligne Canyon
Jeff at the bottom of the Athabasca Glacier
Pretty Mountain beside the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefields
Jasper Park Lodge

Maligne Canyon

Columbia Icefields I think

Bow Glacier
View from Entrance to Jasper Park Lodge
 Highlights and low-lights
  • Got totally ignored at De d Dog in Jasper - sat at a table for 20 minutes and no service, not even a - I'm busy or a I'm sorry - not impressed
  • Tonquin Inn - comfortable simple room - ok, the hairdryer almost exploded on me, but other than that - not bad.  Really just a simple clean room with comfy pillows and fluffy towels.  Nothing fancy but it did the trick. Oh yeah and the free breakfast the next morning was fresh and tasty.
  • Jasper Brewing Company - Good food, good service but really tiny cutlery (not a bad thing, but it did make us giggle)
  • Overcast so did not get to see the beautiful night sky or Northern Lights
  • Bears  Paw Bakery - long line up but totally worth the wait. Jeff and I snacked on treats all the way home to Calgary. Yup Sunday Lunch and Dinner consisted of us sharing the following: Nanaimo Bar, Raspberry Coconut Bar, Cherry Danish and a Raspberry White Chocolate Scone (ok and a Timmies in Banff)
  • The ride from Banff to Jasper and back was truly spectacular
  • Cannot believe the price of the Gondola in Jasper and the Glacier Skywalk - we couldn't afford either
  • If you head to Jasper - it really is the natural beauty that is the draw.  If you are looking for unique shopping, go elsewhere. Most of the shops were touristy and tacky. Banff would be much better for this sort of thing. But if you want to see raw, spectacular beauty -  this is the place to go.  I was speechless at times with the stunning sights.  Mother Nature, you did some fine work here
  • Really wish I had a better income, because if I did, I would soooo stay at the Jasper Park Lodge. Truly a spectacular looking resort. Honestly, the staff accommodations would even do
  • Canadian Wildlife where are you hiding - still no Wolf, Grizzly or Moose sightings (this is an inside joke) and do not get me started on the lack of Ottesr

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