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Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Catwalk Beauty Trends 2014 with Dave Lackie and Nina Westbury

Thanks to twitter I was able to score some tickets to Dave Lackie's Fall Beauty Event at The Chinook Mall  in Calgary.  Dave is the senior beauty editor of BEAUTY the guide and regular guest on Cityline.  As a former Ontario native I attended Cityline on a regular basis and am a regular viewer. Dave, along with top U.K. makeup artist Nina Westbury, gave a fabulous presentation on the latest trends in beauty and makeup for fall.  The presentation was informative and fun. It felt very personal,  like hanging and gossiping with you best friend.

Nina and Dave
 After the presentation they sent us over to get a fabulous gift bag that was filled to the brim.  I thought the presentation was outstanding, but they hit it out of the ballpark with the gift back. 

Look at it all!
 The best part of the event was chatting with Dave and Nina afterwards.  Nina was amazing and gave us all sorts of advice and beauty tips. I could have just spent the whole day learning every little trick on how to look your best from Nina.  She was delightful, honest and absolutely hilarious  I felt bad as I was almost stalking her so I could learn more.

Sarah, Dave Lackie and Me
 Brought my awesome friend Sarah with me and we had a fun time sampling treats and checking out all the new beauty products available at the Bay

Oh yeah, and Nina, don't forget to call me if you ever get to work with Tennant again.   I will be on the first plane and will ply you with treats for a chance to be near him. And I am sooo in love with the Dior art pen, makes doing my eyeliner so much simpler.

Look at all the pretty treats we got.

Nina recommended the Diorshow Art Pen & look what I got with it!
Dave recommended the oil from Philosophy for my dry skin and wow look what I got as a bonus
I highly recommend you follow Nina and Dave on Twitter.  As well here is a link to BEAUTY

Nina's Website
Dave's Website

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