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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dr Who Obsession

I know there hasn't been much action on this blog lately.  Between  Mommy stuff (It's the summer, I have no time to myself since I work part-time and I am with kids all day)  and my Dr Who obsession I haven't had much time to read and review books right now.  The only book reviews I have been posting are ones that I am obligated to or well just felt like sitting back with a glass of wine and doing something useful like talk about what I think about the book I just finished (run on sentence, much).  On Goodreads I have been doing extremely brief reviews to just keep track of everything I have read. If you are interested in any way, here is my page

It's funny this recent Dr Who obsession of mine.  I was born in 1970 and my first experience with Dr Who,  probably circa 1976 or so, was Tom Baker. That dude scared the crap out of me, and lets not get into the Daleks  You gotta remember it was the 70's and there was all that icky orange, and brown and bad lighting.  Plus the Dalek's were kinda scary to a big wuss like myself (though, lets face it, the Dalek's kinda looked like garbage cans with toilet plunger hands - not exactly the thing of normal peoples nightares)  It really was creepy looking, and obviously left me scarred for life LOL! . Every-time the commercials for it came on with that freaky music I would rush to the tv (yes no remotes back then you young whipper snappers) and change the channel as quickly as possible.

Tom Baker

Flash forward to my adulthood. Friends would constantly tell me that I would totally love Dr Who, but I would totally just ignore them.  I did catch a few minutes of a Dr Who episode with the Tristan Doctor (Peter Davison - Tristan refers to the show I knew him from - All Creatures Great and Small) when my hubby was flipping channels one night and watched for a few minutes.  Don't really remember much about it with the exception of that it was Tristan now playing him, he wasn't so scary and that it was odd that he had a piece of celery on him (Must remember to look up the significance of this after I finish writing this post)

Peter Davison

Skip forward a few more years (yes I am old and stubborn,  thank you very much) and my pals, Natasha and Jenn,  would regularly tell me how awesome the show was and how I NEEDED to watch it.  They even tried to get me watching by mentioning how hot this John Barrowman guy was.  As usual I totally ignored them.  Another year later I had moved to Calgary and got a job with Chapters.  As you probably won't be shocked, many of my co-workers were also Dr Who lovers (Refuse to use the term Whovian).  And once again, they all tried to get me to watch with no success.  Well 2012 came along and I was heading to the Calgary FanExpo .  When I mentioned to Jenn and Natasha that John Barrowman was coming to the Expo, they squeed and said you HAVE to go see him.  Decided that if I could, I would try to get a picture of Barrowman signed for Jenn,  who was coming to visit me later in the year  for her birthday.  Wasn't going to go out  of my way, but figured I would think about trying.

Was waiting in line for a photo op with Peter Dinklage when a bunch of girls behind me started screaming and making suggestive comments to this guy walking by -- yup John Barrowman.  Unlike most actors who would just smile and wave, Barrowman came up to the girls and let them grab his ass.  Thought it was really sweet and than thought, ok, I will make an effort to go see him (but just a maybe, still wasn't going to go out of my way)

John Barrowman (sorry crappy picture)

Later on in the day I was waiting in line for two hours for my then pretend boyfriend, Nathan Fillion.  As there wasn't much to do (and the people around me were not very chatty), I  people watched all of those in line for Barrowman, who was in the next booth from Fillion.   Every single person leaving his line was giddy and had the biggest smiles you had ever seen. I started watching Barrowman (line was starting to speed up) and he looked at each and every one of his fans and interacted with them. For someone who has been to tons of these types of events, that if a very rare thing to see from an actor.  After meeting Fillion (if bored, here is my recap of that) I rushed over to Barrowman's lineup to chat with him.  He was truly delightful to chat with and I promised him that since he was so lovely I was going to purchase a photo op with him.

Barrowman joking with fan about what to do with her shaking hands
 One of the best photo ops I have ever taken part in.  Once again each and every person in line he took the time to play around with and even suggested different poses.  He was so charming and handsome and unfortunately for all of us ladies,  gay.  Damn, all of the really good ones are gay aren't they.  I bet you he would be a true delight to hang out with -- call me John, ok?

Yup, I touched Captain Jack, before I knew how awesome the character was

Even after this, it was almost a full year till I finally watched my first episode of Dr Who.   Was feeling a little sick one night and couldn't read so I was flipping through Netflix (even-though when I moved to YYC almost 2 yrs ago, Natasha had gifted 5 seasons of Dr Who to me as a present) and figured what the hell, I will try an episode.  Fell in love with Christopher Eccelston and Dr Who right away.  The special effects were cheesy, but that was part of the charm.  And god I love British television, everyone is so real looking, not a plastic (tee hee first episode I saw) looking one in the bunch.

Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston

Fast forward  six weeks after that and I had gone through 7 seasons of the new incarnation of Dr Who and am now a huge fan. Totally kicking myself for never having listened to all those wise Dr Who fans over all the years.  See I can admit when I am wrong. I am not sure why I love it so much, but I do.  Each and every episode (have only been bored by one episode, and disliked another one) hooks me in and I am bereft when it is over. 

Also Nathan Fillion is now no longer number 1 on my Top 5 of hot celebrities. He's down to #2 after David Tennant (sorry feel rather unpatriotic not having a Canadian as #1, but hey Tennant IS Scottish and I have weakend Scottish blood in me -- Paternal Grandfather and Maternal Great Grandfather Scottish).

Have enjoyed watching some other Tennant's performances (he was brilliant as the lead in Richard II).  If you get a chance also check out his performances in Decoy Bride, Traffic Warden, Fright Night,  and Much Ado about Nothing.  Haven't seen any of his other performances, but don't worry, I will eventually.  Also check out some of the interviews on youtube with  him, and you will understand why he is my new pretend boyfriend.

Tennant in Fright Night looking so unDoctor like

Random Thoughts
  • My favorite Doctor is Tennant, followed by Eccleston and than Smith.
  • My favorite companions are Rose, Donna, Amy/Rory, River Song and obviously Captain Jack.  
  • Liking Clara so far, haven't really got to know her well, but think she will join my list of favs
  • Dalek's still freak me out but the Weeping Angels freak me out more - trust me you will never look at statutes in the same way again
  • The episode Blink and Vincent and the Doctor should be viewed by everyone, not just Dr Who fans. 
  • Had no idea when I started watching that I would cry during so many episodes
  • David Tennant is seriously hot and I am rethinking that tongue scene in Harry Potter in a new light
  • Never knew the term sonic screwdriver could be used in a sexual way
  • If I could look like anyone I would like to look and sound like Karen Gillan
  • The Doctor NEEDS to have a companion
  • Favorite Episodes: Journey's End, Vincent and the Doctor, Blink, The Family of Blood, The Girl Who Waited, Father's Day, The Girl in the Fireplace, Silence in the Library, The Angels Take Manhatten, The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor
  • The Water on Mars episode freaks me out
  • Tom Baker, who used to inspire fear in me, actually made me cry during an episode of the show.
  • Donna's Grandpa is a pure delight, one of my favorite secondary characters
  • Didn't hate Martha, but didn't like her much either - whiny and way too needy
  • One episode is set in a library and another episode plays my favorite piece of classical music , Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky
  • Dr who has brought new friendships into my life.   And no we don't just talk about Dr Who.
  • Another one of my pretend boyfriends is in an episode, Anthony Stewart Head 
  • As I don't have too much money and I am a practical girl at heart, I don't have too much Dr Who merchandise.  However, I have a pair of  TARDIS earings, Dalek and Tardis socks and have some Lip Balm on order from BlueBoxBalm  (Will tell you about it when it arrives)
  • Have on occasion slipped into a British accent or used the following sayings: Allons Z, Are You My Mummy, Run, Fantastic or Don't Blink
  • Peter Davison is Tennant's Father in Law and Tennant married the chick who played his daughter in an episode


  1. Loved this! We are Doctor Who fanatics at our house. The British husband brought a love of The Doctor with him when we married and so our kids have grown up with it. His and our oldest son's favorite Doctor is Tom Baker. Mine is John Pertwee (3rd), followed by Eccleston and McGann. Liked Tennant, loved Smith. Can't wait for Capaldi. I liked Rose, love River. We have a Dalek and a TARDIS on our Christmas Tree. When my youngest son walks in the door after school, he always greets me with, "Hello Sweetie". I refer to my boys as "son of mine". Yep, love the Doctor!

    I'm not sure how I stumbled into your blog, but I'm glad I found it!

    1. Hi Holly, thanks so much for reading and commenting. Your family is amazing. Mine is currently making fun of me, but in a good Nature way. Everyone loves the Don't Blink episode. Have only seen one episode with Capaldi and i think he is truly marvelous so far. Thank you so much for the kind words as well, its nice to know someone is reading. Also just got my TARDIS backpack today

    2. Jealous. I would love a TARDIS backpack! Never fear, your family may just come around one of these days. Isn't Capaldi fantastic? Love him already.

    3. Found it online and love it. Cannot wait to watch more of Capaldi