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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spun by Catherine McKenzie: Blog Tour and Giveaway

by Catherine McKenzie
HarperCollins Canada
ISBN: 978-0616000281
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Description: In this funny and touching novella, bestselling author Catherine McKenzie returns to the story of Amber Sheppard, It Girl and celebrity train wreck from McKenzie’s reader-favourite novel, Spin.

Life has been rough for starlet Amber since leaving rehab. She’s been two years sober, but no one seems to believe her -- not the gossip media, not casting agents, and most certainly not her spotlight-loving parents. With her friendships ruined by betrayal and her career at a standstill, Amber’s just trying to get her life back on track. It doesn’t help that her former love, movie star Connor Parks, keeps trying to draw Amber back in, not just to their relationship but to his hard-partying ways. One fateful night, Amber breaks down and agrees to join him on board his private jet as it readies for take-off -- a decision that will change her life forever and expose her to a whole new level of scrutiny and heartbreak.

The Good Stuff
  • Enjoyed the scenes between Amber and Kate. They have a complicated but intriguing relationship
  • The speech Henry gives at Connor's funeral was beautiful and honest 
  • Fabulous insights about the paparazzi and the famous and wanting the rich and famous to fall hard
  • I am so glad Catherine wrote this novella, as I wanted to know more about Amber 
  • Realistic character development. I was intrigued by Amber in Spin, but I fell in love with her in Spun
  • Wickedly funny, yet heartfelt and honest 
  • Didn't want it to end. Read it in one setting while curled up in a warm blanket with a lovely Pinot  Noir
  • I sort of see Amber as a more in touch Lindsay Lohan - just a little bit, you can see hope for Amber's future, unlike Ms Lohan however. (That girl needs some tough love and to be around people that actually give a damn for her)
  • Once again Ms McKenzie entertains, while at the same time  making you think
  • McKenzie is a born storyteller and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next
  • For those who have not yet had a chance to read anything by this author,  what the hell are you waiting for, get yourself to a bookstore (I suggest Chapters Shawnessy in Calgary, where a delightful CER named JR works - yes that is me) and pick up everything, you will not be disappointed

The Not So Good Stuff
  •  Too bloody short, wanted more. Amber is a delightfully fresh and fun character. 
  • Would have liked more of the wickedly funny
  • Yup so both points here are just saying that it was fabulous, I just wanted more (I know, I know I am such a selfish little git)
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"I suspect this stance actually has more to do with Kanye leaving me off a guest list or two in the last year, but I leave Olivia to her moral ground."

"Didn't keep you from taking the assignment, though did it? Again."
"True. My name is Kate. I'm an alcoholic and an awful person."
"You have to really mean it when you say that."

"None of my new clothes fit me properly and I've gained three pounds. I'm starting to look healthy, which had better stop pretty soon if i ever want to get cast in anything again."

4.5/5 Dewey's

I received an e-book copy from the author in exchange for an honest review 


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