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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Calgary FanExpo 2014

Once again I had the pleasure of attending the Calgary FanExpo.  Luckily I work for Chapters and was able to attend by working the Chapters booth.  It really is a easy gig, a couple hours of work and the chance to attend the expo for free.  I also purchased a VIP pass for the Sunday as well since my geek god, Bruce Campbell, was going to be attending. I don't have to tell you how much I was looking forward to meeting him.  Below are just some random thoughts about the expo, too busy rigt now to take the time to make this articulate. May come back and add things as I remember as well.


  • First day of the expo was a preview event and where attendees could acustom themselves to the layout and see some of what the expo has to offer.  
  •  Helped with the setup and  than helped out for a couple of hours with sales and than took a look around.  
  • Dressed as Katniss which was for the most part a cheap and easy outfit to put together. Thanks to my pal Sarah for braiding my wig as I have never had to braid something before. Had short hair growing up. 
  • Bit of a fiasco with my bow didn't pass the very tight weapons committee and I had to destring it. Kinda silly as it was from a costume store and wouldn't know how to hurt someone with it, but I respect their decision and it was for everyones safety. 
  • It was a bit of a dissapointment in terms of costumes, nothing overly memorable, but it was only a preview night.
Katniss Rayment

  • Today's costume was "Mrs Reynolds", a costume based on a character from an episode of Firefly. As I had a photo op with Felicia Day (she worked with Nathan Fillion) I thought it was an appropriate costume.  She was a truly sweet (and tiny) and charming women.  The photo op went relatively quick but there was a huge technology snafu and I ended up being there from 6:10-7:45.  It wasn't so bad as everyone was joking around and helping each other get their photos.  Geeks really should inherit the earth as it would be a much more peaceful place.
Felicia Day and Mrs Reynolds

The beautiful and tough Chelsea

Fun and funky Alicia (with Pat in the background)

  • Waited in line to see Tom Felton for a friend in order to get a photo signed for a friend. He was charming and sweet and took time with each and everyone of his fans. 

Tom Felton

  • Also grabbed a couple of Goosebump books and got them signed by the lovely smartass, R.L. Stine who was there with his lovely wife. I met him a couple of years ago at BEA and couldn't wait to get a chance to chat with him again.  He thought it was cute that my 5 yr old was obsessed with watching the Goosebumps show. He said he was going to be at BEA again this year and I promised to bring him cookies this time. Got to even get a photo with him, which totally made my kids think I was cool.
Me and R.L. Stine


  • Today's costume was a "Greta" from the TV Show Chuck. Again a simple and inexpensive costume put together.  The boots were uncomfy but looked awesome, and I only wore them for part of the day. Working at the booth was crazy busy and I only leaved a couple of times.


  • Got to meet Barry Bostwick which was a little surreal. Can't believe he didn't have much of a line up, but it is entertainment and people are always about the here and now.  The first time I went up to the booth his volunteer mentioned they were just about to leave as he had to go to the bathroom. Barry said never mind, come on over.  And being the classy chick I said to him (And I do not lie) Go pee, go pee, I will come back.  Yup I told Barry Bostwick to go pee.  
  • When I went back we ended up having a 25 minute conversation about everything from sex to wine.  We talked about giving kids to much information or not answering their questions effectively. Told him about the time my son, Jake, asked what a Faggot was. Gave him a whole hour lecture on predjudice and so much more. His answer was "Mom, I know what being gay is, I just didn't know what faggot meant."  Asked him what Tim Curry was like and he went on about awesome a guy was. Than joked that he was a wonderful faggot.  He also signed my Rocky Horror poster. "Dammit Jennifer I loved you". Yup will be getting that one framed.

Charming Barry Bostwick (sorry crappy photo)
  • Also got to chat Max Brooks (author & son to Mel Brooks) about his fabulous book and about his Dad. Told him I got a kick out of his use of the work his dad did in "Free to Be You and Me" in World War Z as my dad loved to play that over and over. He said yup been there. LOL.  He also signed a copy of one of his books for me.
Signed by Max Brooks


  • Today's costume was Xena (or how I joked most of the day what Xena would have looked like after marrying Autolyces and having 2 babies).
  •  Helped out a wee bit at the booth, but today was all about what I wanted to see and do.
  • Thanks to Chelsea my makeup was fantastic! Must remember to take her makeup shopping and than sit down with lessons from her.  I kept looking in the mirror because she made me look so much younger.
Old Xena (but hey I am 43 & had two babies)

  • Went to my photo-op for Bruce Campbell and I gotta tell ya, get the VIP pass, it is TOTALLY worth it. I only had to wait 15 minutes, compared to the probably 2 hour wait for regular pass holders.
  • When it came to my turn, I walked around the corner and he shouts out "Hey Xena how are you" . He also suggested we do a Xena pose and told me to take out my sword (FYI - a big no no, as no props or weapons allowed. But hey if Bruce says to do something, you do it.) He than shook my hand and I was out of there. If you ever do these photo ops, please remember, you don't get much time.
Hail to the King (Me and Bruce Campbell)

  • Funny story for you, you know I am always up for taking a poke at myself. Well as mentioned I am a huge Bruce Campbell fan. He was in the first horror movie that I ever watched (I was a bit of a wimp and would never watch horror movies) My pals Melissa and Tracy forced me to watch it when I was young women ( and well with the exception of from that day on being freaked out when I see tree roots) I became both a horror and Bruce Campbell fan.  I purchased my autograph ticket as soon as I go to the expo grounds on Thursday and kept it extremely safe all weekend long.  Sunday finally comes around and I have checked like five million times to see if its still in my badge.  Alicia and I took in the Felicia Day panel (and with a quick stop at the Chapters booth) and than we split up and I headed over to the line for B.C.  Went to pull out my ticked for the volunteer and bam nothing was there, I had lost it within the last 20 minutes.  I searched all over and no luck, it was gone.  Went to ask the photo op girls what I could do and I started to tear up. No word of a lie, this 43 yr old mother of 2, started to cry. The ladies were wonderful and got me to chat with customer service.  They decided the only thing they could do was charge me for an extra autograph (which was pretty cool as they had been sold out since Friday) so I paid it. Got it line and not 10 minutes later hear from my co-worker that my ticket was at the booth.  So now I have an autographed "If Chins could Kill" to me and another photo signed by him, which I am totally selling to make my money back.

Signed by Bruce Cambell - willing to sell : )

Soooo not willing to sell!

  • We had a great conversation where I told him I was nervous to meet him because I would totally say  something silly like, "Here's your sugar" and I tossed him a couple of packets of sugar. Thanks Kaylie and Alicia for bringing me replacements for the ones I lost. Also told him that I was worried he would be a total asshole and that I would totally regret giving up good wine to meet him. He looked up and I said, oh don't worry, I have kids, I didn't give up wine, I just drank the $10 shit.  Than he asked me all about me and what I did. This was really nice, but than I totally forgot all the things I wanted to say to him.  Ah well, it still was wonderful.
  • Attended the Felicia Day Panel with Alicia. Loved her before, even more now. Funny, self deprecating and very passionate about what she does.
  • Also went and got my copy of Dr Horrible signed as well as a still shot, that hopefully I will get a chance to have Neil Patrick Harris to sign at BEA

signed by Felicia Day

Signed by Felica Day

Favorite Costumes

Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible


Creepy Zombie chicks

My personal favorite - The Death Star

Even Darth Vader shops at Chapters

Chapters Booth is busting out all over with sales


Sailor Moon

Not George R.R.Martin (co-worker Pat) Got asked over 50 times if he really was Martin

Guest Photos (you really have to sneak these for most of the guests)
From Lance henriksen's FB Page

From Lance henriksen's FB Page
George Romero

Anthony Daniels (C3PO)

- Now known as the Hot Dwarf

Adrian Paul and John Ratzenberger

Michael Biehn

Billy Boyd


Didn't have much money to spend so I didn't spend to much time at any of the booths.  These are just a few of the ones I remember or picked up something at.

Hairpiece in picture of Felicia Day and Me from The Realm of Enchantments

Those Great Little Books
Rock Paper Cynic
Out of Chaos (They have the most adorable geek treats & yummy)
Brooks Medieval Faire


Mike Perry
Mike Rieger

Make a Wish of Southern Alberta

Necklace made by Barry Bostwick and signed

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