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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Audio Book Review: Speaking From Among the Bones by Alan Bradley

Speaking From Among the Bones
by Alan Bradley
Read by Jayne Entwistle
Random House Audio
Buy from Indigo

Description: Eleven-year-old amateur detective and ardent chemist Flavia de Luce is used to digging up clues, whether they’re found among the potions in her laboratory or between the pages of her insufferable sisters’ diaries. What she is not accustomed to is digging up bodies. Upon the five-hundredth anniversary of St. Tancred’s death, the English hamlet of Bishop’s Lacey is busily preparing to open its patron saint’s tomb. Nobody is more excited to peek inside the crypt than Flavia, yet what she finds will halt the proceedings dead in their tracks: the body of Mr. Collicutt, the church organist, his face grotesquely and inexplicably masked. Who held a vendetta against Mr. Collicutt, and why would they hide him in such a sacred resting place? The irrepressible Flavia decides to find out. And what she unearths will prove there’s never such thing as an open-and-shut case

Random Thoughts
  • The ending - OMG - now I have to wait for the next installment and its killing me - I am 22nd in line for the audio version.  I know I could just cheat and buy a copy at work, but I am so in love with listening to Jayne Entwistle read, I just cannot do it
  • Mentions and quotes from my favorite poem, The Highwayman
  • Middle of the book drags a wee bit and the mystery was sort of all over the place (Lets face it though, you really don't care, you just want to hear more of what Flavia is going to say or do)
  • Makes me laugh and sigh "Oh Flavia"
  • Find myself speaking in an English accent which is horrifying for my family and co-workers as I truly suck at accents
  • I love the little minx Flavia and wish she was real. She is such a delicious mix of devilish imp and sweet young girl that you just want to hug & get her some decent food. The description of Mrs Mullet's culinary creations leave me hoping at times that she will be the next victim)
  • I always want these books to be longer and I want to know more and more about all of the other residents of Bishop's Lacey
  • Me thinks Captain Awesome (@indigogreenroom on Twitter - trust me follow him) is going to get sick of me begging to bring Alan Bradley to Calgary - love you Cammy, please make this happen - will be your willing slave for life
  • The scenes between Flavia and her sisters are truly delightful.  Reminds me very much of times at how my brother and I tortured our sister
  • If you have not yet read (or better yet) listened to, I implore you to drop whatever you are doing and pick them up ASAP.  Please start with book 1!!!
  • Plenty of dark humour, as you all know I adore. I was raised by a nurse (love nurses their sick gallows humour is fabulous) , you have to understand it shapes you in sooo many ways
  • Ok major warning here - this is my 5th Flavia De Luce book and I have learned a lot about poisons.  Mess with my kids and I will use what I have learned
  • Opening chapter hooks you in
  • Please give me more Dogger - such a fabulous character and I love how much he cares and watches over Flavia.
  • As I have mentioned before, I would have paid way more attention in chemistry if someone had made it sound as enthralling as Flavia does

Memorable Passages

“There's an unwritten law of the universe which assures that the thing you seek will always be found in the last place you look. It applies to everything in life from lost socks to misplaced poisons. . .”

"The press was ruthless, but then so was the church."

"Whenever I'm a little blue I think of cyanide, whose colour so perfectly reflects my mood."

"Mistresses were a topic Daffy had sometimes spoken of but they did not hold the same interest for me as they did her. Unless there was murder involved, or poison, such as in the case of  Madame de Brinvilliers and the chevalier de Saint-croix, I didn't give a fig what people got into in their spare time."

"One more detective in the family would give us something to talk about during the long winter evenings, I thought. Guts, gore and Tetley's Tea."

4.5 Dewey's

I borrowed this from the Calgary Public Library

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