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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

East comes West - Jenn and Michele Visit Calgary

It's no secret I have been a wee bit lonely and homesick since I moved to Calgary a year ago.   So I was totally excited when Michele and Jenn emailed me that they had decided to come for a short visit. Well Michele had to do some business, but once it was over she was taking some time to visit with us..

Won't bore you with all the little details but here are a few of the highlights.

Since Michele had to take care of business, Jenn and I hit the Calgary Woman's Show.  Won't lie, it was a wee bit disappointed as I had attended the same show in Toronto and it was far superior.  (Sorry I have been doing this a lot lately, comparing everything here to Toronto and  unfortunately Calgary often suffers in comparison -- well except for the Mayor thing. I think we can all agree that Nenshi wins on this one)  Thinking I must really consider taking a writing course as I often go completely off on tangents. Any how - back  on track.  Highlights of the show were the Smashbox booth.  Truly the only booth that entertained, informed, had great deals and quite frankly the highlight of the show.  Also took advantage of their show special (Must Have Metallics kit) and some Photo Finish Foundation Primer for only $20 (My must have product)

Got a kick out of the giant colon .  Learned a lot about diseases of the colon in a fun and interesting way and hey how many chances to you get to walk through  a giant colon.

Was a little offended to have to deal with the Pro Life booth.  Come on Calgary, I'm guessing you were hurting for booths - but Pro Life -- really?  My body is mine and I have the right to choose what I do with it. Abortion isn't probably the choice I would ever make, but its my choice.  But hey, at least the breast nazi's (lactation consultants - & yes I'm sure there are some lovely ones, but I didn't get those ones) weren't there.  Don't get me started on that.

We tried some delicious foods while we were at the show and even bought a couple of things.  I picked up some "The All But Gluten" Coconut Macaroons which were yummy and picked up a bag of Nacho Chips, Salsa and Guacamole from the Fresh is Best Salsa Company.

Jenn and I had a delightful chat over some lovely wines at the Co-Op booth. Timing was on our side, as while we were sitting there, we got to catch a wine tasting session.  Karen Crippen, a sommelier from Co-Op,  gave a wonderfully useful and perfectly described session on proper wine tasting. It was perfectly done.

Monday we just kind of hung around my neighborhood and relaxed.  We hit the Chapters I work at so I could show off my buddies to my co-workers.  Than we hit the Mark's Work Wearhouse to get some "real boots" for dealing with the snow that dumped on us the day Jenn arrived.  We also came up with a new drinking game based on the fact that every 5 minutes Jesse would ask Michele "What's your name again?"

Practical yet pretty

Jenn fueling Jesse's ipod addiction ; )

Also took them to the Co-Op liquor store (yup no LCBO here) & look at the perfectly named wine they bought for me

Jesse & "what's your name again?"
 Tuesday we headed out to beautiful Banff.  We walked around town and than hit the Banff Springs Hotel.  We had a fabulous lunch where Jenn, Michele and I discussed the Book, Ready Player One, as part of their regular monthly BCBrunch event.  Thanks ladies for giving me the heads up on this fabulous book and letting me take part.  The food in the Rundle lounge was delish & the pear martini (can't remember what the exact title of the drink was) was to die for -- still craving another one

Picture courtesy of @justalillost

Yummy Pear Martini from the Rundle Lounge

After lunch we had a tour of the Banff Springs Hotel. We Learned a lot about the history of the hotel which was truly fascinating. The guide also very diplomatically answered my question about ghosts at the hotel.  Though he did sweetly point us out the "supposed" haunted stair case. The guide did a bang up job and I highly recommend you take a tour if you ever get the chance.

Haunted staircase

After a little walk around town, and a lovely detour to "Surprise Pass' we headed back to downtown Calgary for a yummy dinner (thanks for the dinner guys) and to drop Michele back at her hotel.   The restaurant was Sukiyaki House and the food was excellent.  Will definitely be going there again.

View of the stunning Banff Springs Hotel - on my bucket list is to sleep there one day - its seriously pricey!!!

Wednesday afternoon we had a scrumptious lunch at West in downtown Calgary.  The restaurant was reasonably priced for the location and the food was delicious.  I would go back everyday just to have the Pumpkin Bread Pudding .  It was truly decadent tasting!

We also walked around a little and took a peak at some of the stores downtown.  Poor Michele and Jenn had a horrible experience at the Coppeneur .  I couldn't believe how shabbily my friends were treated.   You not only guaranteed that Michele and Jenn will never come back to your store, but they will pass on their experience to anyone who is going to visit Calgary.  Not to mention, I am downtown all the time and I will never come back to your store.

Than it was time to send them back to Toronto. Thanks ladies for the lovely visit.  Hope to see you again soon -- BEA Right?


  1. Sounds like you had a fun visit. Have fun at BEA if you go. Sadly I won't be attending this time around :(

    1. It was fabulous and I miss them so much already!! Sad that you won't be going to BEA (I may not either all depends on finances early next year)