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Thursday, September 26, 2013

CONTEST & Review: The Night Has Claws by Kat Krueger

The Night Has Claws (The Magdeburg Trilogy #2)
by Kat Krueger
Fierce Ink Press Co-Op
ISBN: 9780991793754
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Suggested Ages: 13+

Description: What happens when you’re the thing that goes bump in the night?

Connor Lewis and Arden LaTène are experiencing a reversal of fortunes. Arden, once a prominent werewolf, has been cured against his will. As a result, he’s now considered dead by his former pack and has lost his longtime girlfriend in the mix. Connor, a newly created werewolf whose DNA has inadvertently led to the creation of the cure, now has to make some important decisions about his future and is not sure who to trust. Should he join a pack or try to go it alone?

When Connor is summoned by the Hounds of God to testify against the human scientist who developed the cure, he’s forced to choose sides. Comprised of humans bitten by werewolves, the Hounds have been the lawmakers and enforcers for hundreds of years, ensuring werewolves don’t endanger the lives of humans and exacting justice upon those who do. On the other hand, the pack werewolves have been persecuted for centuries and are seeking to tip the balance of power. Adding to his confusion is Madison Dallaire, the girl Connor has complicated feelings for, who has embarked on a path of corporate espionage.

In the second book of The Magdeburg Trilogy, Connor’s loyalties are pushed to the limits as he faces the challenges of being a modern werewolf caught in the grip of an ancient feud.

The Good Stuff
  • Truly unique take on the werewolves genre, it actually felt very real and believable that this could be happening in our world
  • Likeable characters that are flawed and so human (and werewolf of course). They feel like real people not characters
  • Plenty of dark humour used in just the right places
  • Really liked how the story is set in Paris and Germany, makes it more believable setting with all the ancient gothic architecture and wild landscapes
  • Love, love, love the cover
  • Enjoyed the scenes between Arden and Connor, found the reversal of their humanity fascinating
  • Fast paced and exciting - really impressive for a second book in a trilogy.  This isn't just filler for the final book, there is depth and development. Bravo
  • Enjoyed some of the pop culture references

The Not So Good Stuff
  • A small thing I know as it is an arc, but I was frustrated with the lack of capitalization of proper names. Sometimes Arden was capitalized, yet in the next paragraph it wasn't.  It's silly I know but it jarred me from the story
  • It's been a long time since I read the first part would have liked a little reminder of what happened in the first story to jog my memory - but hey that is just me and I am old and have kids so the memory isn't as good as it once was.

Favorite Quotes/Passages

"From this point of view he reminds me of Two-Face from Batman, only with Roul what you see is what you get. There's no unstable lunatic struggling for supremacy within him. At least, not that I've seen."

"Losing a mate is like losing a part of yourself.  There's no cure for it, no drug to ease the agony of it. For the rest of your years, there will always be a place within you that feels-- hollow."

"What do you mean, it doesn't matter? It was a big enough deal for you to go all Stahem-esque down there."

"He makes it sound so Zen. Or Jedi. Like some kind of Wolf Yoda. There is no try."

4.25 Dewey's

I received this from Fierce Ink Press in exchange for an honest review - sorry guys I am behind 


Fierce Ink Press is generously offering one ebook copy of the The Night Has Claws to give away.  Easy peesy to enter - just comment and I will randomly pick a commenter to win. Try to make it something meaninful or why you want to read the book. Not picky here, I'm a busy girl and totally understand
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End October 2nd.

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