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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

As soon as I found out that Nathan Fillion was coming to the Calgary Expo (and I mean within 30 seconds of finding out) I purchased a 3 day pass for myself and for my 11 yr old son (have to instruct him in the way of the Geek) As Indigo was also having a booth at the Expo, I also volunteered to help out.  Basically if you volunteer for the Indigo booth you got to get in early and also didn't have to pay.  I didn't know this in advance or I might not have purchased a pass and just volunteered all three days.   Anyway, everything worked out (well except for the fact that the day I didn't volunteer I had to wait outside for almost 2 hours and ended up being almost last in line for my photo op with Nathan Fillion - no worries, it all worked out.)

Sorry guys, this post was supposed to be more in depth, but what can I say, life got a away from me and am seriously behind.  So this will end up being just the basics.


Arrived nice and early so I could help Richard and the rest of the Indigo crew set up the table for the Expo. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some fabulous staff from other Chapters/Indigo stores in the Calgary area.   I helped out for about 4 hours, got to know my fellow staff and met some fascinating other people (Both customers and other booth owners)

Me at our booth

Once my time was up I took a quick peak around at the other booths and than headed out to wait in line for Peter Dinklage's autograph line. 
Jessica Rabbit -her booth was PACKED!
 I made it there in good time so I didn't have to wait in line long. He was delightful to chat with,very charming and articulate.  He mentioned that I looked lovely in my costume, which was very sweet. He signed my copy of Game of Thrones, which I guess I am going to finally have to read. I love the show, but have difficulty in reading Fantasy, but that's it I vow to read it before 2013 is over.  I had a photograph op with him later in the day as well which I was looking forward to.

Peter Dinklage
While waiting in line for the Dinklage photo op, I got to experience the John Barrowman fandom for the first time.  As the line was very near the celebrity walk way, the guests were constantly walking by our line.  This handsome guy (yup had no idea who he was) started to walk by and all the people in my line started to cheer.  The girls beside me mentioned something about the guys butt and he walked over and let them grab it.  Chatted with them and found out that the gentlemen was John Barrowman.  My friends Tasha and Jenn had mentioned him before so I knew he was from Dr. Who and Torchwood.  Got a real kick out of this and decided that I would have to maybe go chat with him later.  

John Barrowman walking by
 The Dinklage photo op was a bit of fiasco, but I kept my patience and temper and it mostly turned out ok. Basically they lost my receipt and couldn't take my photo till it was all sorted out. It was almost an extra hour but the volunteers were doing their best to sort it out.  After finally getting it sorted it was my turn, However, the photographer snapped the photo really quickly while we Peter and I were having a serious conversation, so the photo kinda sucks.  Ah well the conversation was worth it.

Most awkward looking photo EVER!
 Helped back out at the Indigo booth for the rest of the day and than headed home.


Jake and I headed out pretty early to get in line for the Expo.  I had no idea how crazy the line ups were.  We were in line for almost 2 hours, just to get in the door.  We did get to see hundreds of awesome costumes and  chat with some great people, but I was a little stressed as I wanted to get in line for Nathan Fillion.  By the time we finally made it inside, we knew we were out of luck for getting into his first signing.

Jake dressed as Wash (from Firefly) - what a total good sport

While we were figuring out what to do, Jake and I watched the lineup for John Barrowman.  Each and every person came out of his line with a huge smile on their face and were almost skipping. After seeing that and what I had seen the day before, I went to go chat with him for a while.  What a charming, sweet rogue this man was. The girls in front of me were shaking uncontrollably which was so sweet and delightful to watch.  Barrowman was so sweet with her and tried to make her feel at ease. He made a deliciously naughty joke about the benefits of her shaking hands (just use your imagination and you will get it) but she was so nervous she didn't even get it.  Than it was my chance to talk with him and we had a lovely (ok and slightly suggestive - yes I know he's gay, but I don't care - he's handsome and naughty and well lets face it I have as much chance with Nathan Fillion as I do with a gay man - it's fantasy people!) conversation. Got a signed copy of picture for Jenn (which I cannot believe I forgot to bring to New York with me)

John Barrowman joking with nervous fan about the benefits of shaking hands (she was so nervous she didn't get it)
We walked around for a wee bit and than headed back (well I sent Jake to hang out in the kids area because he would have been totally bored in line) to get in line for Nathan Fillion's autograph line. It took forever, but I had fun chatting with the people in line.  It was surreal finally getting to meet him, but I was really proud of myself when it was my turn to talk.  I was mostly articulate and didn't say anything stupid (Yeah I know what a surprise)  I gave him the money which I had raised for Kids Need to Read and told him that I was nervous to meet him for two reasons. First that I was known to say stupid or totally inappropriate things when I met someone I admired and second that what if he turned out to be a total asshole and I would now have to choose John Barrowman as my "One" .  He seemed to get a kick out of this. He was charming, sweet, totally sincere and made sure that he gave attention to every person he met. A true class act.

My boyfriend about to sign my copy of Naked Heat

After that we rushed over to the photo op line for him and hello this was quite the nightmare as well. They had said that you could not line up till 20 minutes before the signing. As a girl who always follows the rules, this sucked.  Everybody else had decided that that wasn't going to work for them and they lined up anyway and the volunteers decided that was fine.   This ended up making almost last in line.  Ah well, it still worked out as the picture will show  you. Thank you Mr Fillion for making this plain, old Mommy feel beautiful.  I will treasure this picture always! Whenever I feel blue or homesick I take a look at this picture and it always makes me smile.

 Some of my favorite costumes from Day 2

 A female Loki and Thor - truly creative!
Dr Who
Sweet girls
Ash from Evil Dead


I was volunteering again at the Indigo booth so I didn't have to wait in line.  Love working for you Indigo, especially after today!  Helped out for a little bit until one of the volunteers mentioned that Nathan Fillion (and a bunch of other guests) were doing a special signing for the volunteers and booths. Richard, being the awesome manger he is, said go wait in line but than come back and help.  I guess Fillion was a bit behind as he didn't make it in time. But hey it was 10 minutes before the door opened, so I am not really complaining. This time we chatted about his role in the next Percy Jackson movie (I also gave him a signed Rick Riordan book) and he signed a piece of artwork I had purchased the day before. 

Now I have some original artwork (and you are right Jeff wasn't impressed)
Hey Boyfriend!

Than it was back to work for a couple of hours, which was a total blast.  Chelsea from my store was working today as well and she is a total blast to work with.  I also respect her as she isn't full of shit like many managers.  Thanks for all the information regarding video games and suitability for my 11 yr old Chelsea.

Geeking out but it was for a good cause!
My purchases. Finally got a Jayne hat!
Next up I was pretty excited about meeting Mitch Pileggi (Skinner from the Xfiles). Totally had a crush on him when he was on the Xfiles.  What can I say, I like the bald men. He was so tall, yummy and powerful, yet at the same time fought for those he cared about.  And that voice - rowr!  Had purchased a photo op with him and it was worth every penny (Also had a fab time chatting with the ladies behind me in line -- wonder if they got to touch his chest) As I was walking away, I got up the nerve and asked if I could touch his beautiful head. He smiled and bent over and said yes.  I touched it,  and giggled like a little school girl.  He was so sweet and charming  and hell I heard he was 60 - hot damn he is one fine 60 yr old.

Me and Mitch Pileggi (thanks for being so sweet about the head thing!)

Only had a few minutes so I dashed over at the last minute and got a photo op with John Barrowman. As mentioned earlier in the post, he was extremely charming, so I thought it would be fun to get a picture with him.  Again, worth every penny.  He made each and every fan feel like they had a connection to him.  He was also hilarious and made each photo personalized.  He actually directed everyone into different poses and seemed to be having a blast. I know you don't like girls that way, Mr Barrowman, but I think I am going to put you as #5 on my top #5 list anyway.

John Barrowman (you charming rogue you) and myself (I'm supposed to be Xena)
Walked around for a while and checked out everything.  Had a few minutes before it was time to go home so I decided to go have a chat with Wil Wheaton.  I always enjoyed Wesley on ST: TNG, and could never understand all the negative comments about him.  Have enjoyed him even more since I started watching The Big Bang Theory.  He was a lot of fun to chat with and got a pic signed to the boys from him.

Wil you are one cool dude - big respect for you
Pic #1 for Jake and Jesse: Pic #2 for Jenn
Than as I was totally exhausted I headed home back to reality,

Thanks Calgary Fan Expo for a glorious time that I will always remember. Probably will be back next year (and next time I am getting the VIP Pass)


  1. You know I'm dying a little about that John Barrowman photo, right? Cannot WAIT!!!

    1. ROFL!!! Still cannot believe I forgot to bring it with me to New York