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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BEA - Opening Day

Opening day of BEA started super early as usual. We headed for the Javitts center for 7:30 so we could get a good spot in line, plus some of our group had to get tickets for some of the ticketed authors.  Time went by very quickly as I got to hang with Jenn, Terri (& her delightful Mom, Michelle, Ardo and Cait.)

For my boys!
Picture courtesy of Jenn H.

Just before 9:00 a bunch of people dressed in Allegiant t shirts grouped together in 5 separate groups and called out their faction over and over and than handed us some lovely Allegiant bags.  Than some BEA big wig gave a speech but we couldn't hear a thing. After that it was a true fiasco for a few  minutes.  Many, such as us,  had lined  up for  hours all nicely organized and friendly.  But there was no control and a huge bunch of people just before opening time, ignored the well organized line and just rushed the gate which, btw,  is super tacky. These are the people who also run from booth to booth grabbing books without even talking to the reps, knocking people out of their way and basically just being rude.  This year it was a little better, but it still disgusted me.

You have to be pretty organized at these events so that you get to see what you really want to see. Also author signings overlap, so you really need to decide who you really want to see plus have some back ups if you have time.

Took a look at a few booths and picked up a couple of books (and talked to the reps and said please and thank you -- as well that is how you should behave people) that looked interesting before heading over to get in line to meet Kendare Blake. I had just finished her Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares just a few days before BEA and wanted to chat with her. She was signing her new book, Antigoddess, which sounds fascinating and cannot wait to read.

Than it was off to wait in line for Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler) who is always a joy to chat with. The rep who we were chatting with found out we were Canadian and gave  Jenn and I an audio copy of "Who Could That be at this Hour" because she said that the Canadian attendees are always friendly and polite.

Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler)

After that we needed a break so we met up with the charming Jeremy Cammy for a coffee.  It's also a joy to talk with him as he is funny and sweet (and totally puts up with me nattering on about something irrelevant)

No rest for the wicked, so after about 20 minutes I took off and headed to the line for Brandon Sanderson.  Had to get there nice and early so I could  pick up a signed book for my co-worker Jen L. To my joy he was giving away signed copy of two of his books.  Therefore I was able to get a signed copy for my other co-worker Connor.  This totally made my day, can't help myself, like to do nice things for people.  After that I booked it to run over and get a signed copy of Oliver Jeffers, The Day the Crayons Quit, for my little one, ok and for me - I am a big kid after all.  Who knew he was such a hottie too!

Brandon Sanderson and me for Jen L. and Connor

Fabulous volunteers this year who really worked hard and tried to make everyone happy while at the same time keep order.  Can't even imagine some of the BS they had to put up with from people who were just rude, ignored the rules and were just plain mouthy.  The amount of people who bitched about not getting a book eventhough they came  5 minutes before signing was over was truly sad. Don't let that put you down, its just something I have to mention. Tons of wonderful behavior with people helping each other out and just chatting in line

BEA day 1 was fun, but honestly, I was just happy seeing my pals and chatting with bookish strangers.

Jenn and I left and headed back to the hotel to freshen up for the Scholastic event. I was really looking forward to this event as Scholastic parties are my favorite.  Now this year it was pretty exciting at the guest were Suzanne Collins and Walter Dean Myers. 
Spectacular view from Scholastic rooftop

I really enjoyed this event as David Levithan held a discussion with both of the guests about war and children. The authors discussed their personal experiences. It was a lovely, fascinating and insightful discussion.  Afterwards we were taken up to the rooftop for a lovely evening of good food, good wine and great conversation. If I could work anywhere, it would be here. The view is extraordinary and I have a passion for children's literature.  We all had a chance to chat with the authors and get our books signed. We also got a lovely bag filled with interesting books.  Thanks Nikole for the invite and to all the wonderful Scholastic employees. Thanks again Candace for last years recommendation on manicures : )

Cait, Michele and Jenn
Me and Michele

Me and Walter Dean Myers discussing something serious
Me and Suzanne Collins ( I was good and didn't say WTF, why did you have to kill off  Prim)

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