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Friday, July 5, 2013

BEA Day 3

Today was such a whirlwind of activity and of emotions.  Jenn and I got up super early so we could get primo seats for the Neil Gaiman talk.  Seems everybody else did as well, as even-though we got there before 7:30 there were already 20 people in front of us.  Didn't really  care because at least we were going to get a signed copy of one of his books.  My co-worker Jen L. is a HUGE fan of Gaiman and because she is so awesome and she made me feel right at home on my first day of work, I wanted to scoop her up a signed copy.  The time flew by as I got to spend time with Jenn and before I knew it we were being let in. Best news of all, the first 500 people were getting TWO, that's right my friends, two SIGNED copies of his books. Not only was Jen L getting a copy, I too was going to get one to keep.  That totally made my day.

What can I say about Gaiman event. Not only is the mans voice a pure delight to listen too (will now be purchasing all of his audio tapes), he is also charming, intelligent and extremely witty.  When I get a chance I will post some of his presentation on my YouTube channel (FYI - it could be a very long time as this would involve some technical savvy, and well, not so good at that stuff -- Rich you need to move to Calgary)

Neil Gaiman
After the event I took off like a bat out of hell, to wait in line to meet Mary Higgens Clark.  My mom loved her books and since they were always around the house when I was a teen, I soon became just as big of a fan. I was actually nervous meeting her (My hands were even shaking) but she quickly put me at ease.  She was a truly gracious and sweet women and hopefully my boys will also become fans when they are old enough to read her stuff.

Jamie McGuire was at the next table so I grabbed a signed copy of her latest book for my girls night out crew back in Ontario.  Than I was in the right place at the right time and was able to chat with Diana Gabaldon and get a signed copy of Outlander for my sister.  While walking around I stopped dead when I noticed that Jim Carrey was doing a signing for his book.  Sorry picture is so bad, a huge bodyguard mentioned that I could take a quick pic and than move on, Felt slightly intimidated.

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey
  After that I just hung around and chatted with people until the Lincoln Peirce signing.  My 11 yr old is a HUGE Big Nate fan so I had to get a book signed for him.  Brought all of my luggage to the Javitts so that I could make sure I got him a book signed and make my plane on time.  I complain about my boys alot (trust me it makes you a better parent if you get your emotions out) but I would also do anything for those beautiful heathens!  Terri thank you so much for grabbing me a copy of The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, Christa really wanted a copy and now I was able to make her happy too, Of course, I totally read it before I sent it to her : )

Licoln Peirce

While walking around I noticed that they had a book by Jill Shalvis. My buddy Natasha, loves her so I grabbed a copy.  I knew that she had been there earlier in the day and asked if they had any signed copies left. As I was saying that this lovely gentlemen caught my eye and pointed to a women sitting beside him.  Well it ended up that the gentlemen was Jill Shalvis' husband and motioned that Jill was still there and would love to sign  a copy for us.  She also asked me if I wanted a copy too and of course I said yes, my buddy Natasha has excellent taste, so I knew I would love it. Jill (and Hubby, sorry didn't get your name) you are incredibly classy and genuinely lovely people with a great sense of humour!

 Than it was off to the airport to fly back home.  A truly bittersweet time. On one hand I scored an early flight so I could spend some time at the T.O. airport with my sister and friend but also meant I had to say a quick goodbye to Jenn.  It was horrific, as soon as I left Jenn I burst into tears as I knew it would probably be a year before I saw her again. Jenn is a fab person.  She is a spitfire, so full of energy and love, I treasure the time we spent together and already counting down till I can see her again next year.

To my surprise, not only Tracy (my awesome sis) come, she also brought my Brother in law and niece.  As well not only did Carianne come, she also brought Noemia and Melanie too.  Honest to God, I almost lost it right there.  I missed these guys so much and to have them all come and meet me, was more than this girl could take.  We sat down and chatted over a lovely glass of wine and talked about everything.

Noemia, Melanie, Me and Carianne (Bolton GNO's crew)

Miss you guys!!!
   It was less than two hours but it was the highlight of the year. I am truly blessed to have such incredible family and friends. The time went by too fast and I had to run and catch my flight back to Calgary.  Once I got all settled in my airplane seat I got a giggle as the guy beside me was seriously hot, but I totally avoided him because I was bawling my eyes out the whole way back to Calgary.  Missed everyone so bad.  Tried to lose myself in the online Entertainment available on Air Canada. Watched A Good Day to Die Hard (sorry Bruce Willis I love ya, but the movie was dull and painful to watch) and about 4 episodes of The Big Bang Theory (great show, laugh track irritates the hell out of me though)

Carl (B.I.L. Tracy (sister), me and Tanya (Niece)

Jeff came to pick me up at the airport and it was back to reality. Thank you everyone involved with BEA. I had a fantastic time and already saving for next year!  Miss you Jenn, Michele, Jen, Terri, Irene, Ardo and Captain Awesome, thanks for being a fab crew to hang out with.  Now come and move out to Calgary - Our Mayor is actually a leader and doesn't do drugs. Also the transit system is fabulous ; )

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