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Thursday, July 4, 2013

BEA - Day 2

Simon and Schuster - Cassie Clare Party (BEA Day 1)

Oops, cannot believe I forgot to put this in yesterdays post. All I can say it was late at night when I was typing up the post

Sweet and feisty Felicia invited Jenn and I to attend the Simon and Schuster Cassie Clare party. Felicia if you are ever in Calgary I am taking you out for a good time.

This was truly a wonderfully organized event, Simon and Schuster, you truly outdid yourself. The food and wine were spectacular and the ambiance was truly magical. Honestly, it felt like a dream, a place that only Cassie Clare herself could have created.  The party was actually held at the Angel Orsesanz Center

The guests were treated to temporary runes tattoos, the privilege of having their tarot cards read and a lovely gift bag at the end that contained a fabulous t-shirt (no you cannot have it, its mine & it fits) and the movie tie in version of City of Bones.  We got to chat with Cassie and Holly Black for a while which was tons of fun and Cassie's husband was spectacular, so fun, so supportive and so obviously in love with his wife

This was by far my favorite event during BEA. It was not just an event, it was an experience.  Thank you so much Felicia for letting me join in the fun!

Felicia from Simon and Schuster

My Love Rune

Picture courtesy of Jenn H.

Jenn Hubbs and Jeremy Cammy

I was enraptured by this place - could have spent hours

Props from City of Bones

Rachel, Jenn and Me

Cassie Clare

Cassie Clare and Jenn

 Children's Breakfast

One of my favorite events last year was the Children's Breakfast event so I once again purchased a ticket.  BTW, the breakfast is slim pickings so always get something to eat before and get there early if you want a good seat.  At least the coffee was decent because there wasn't enough fruit etc for the whole table.  Also they only put 4 Magic Tree House mugs for a table of 8.  But other than that it was a lovely event.  Best part was just hanging with Michele, Jenn, Terri, Rachel, Helaine Becker and Jeremy Cammy.  Octavia Spencer was the emcee and did an ok job.  I personally found her to be a little dull and out of her league, but she wasn't horrible.  Magic Tree House author, Mary Pope Osbourne,  spoke eloquently about her career and shared with us some of the delightful  letters she has received from her fans.  Rick Riordan was up next and he was absolutely hilarious.  He told us a story about a journalist who called and asked to speak with Percy Jackson, and Riordan, in a deadpan voice said, "Sorry he's fictional at the moment. Can I take a message." Veronica Roth gave a beautiful, personal talk about her journey on becoming a writer.  She is a very down to earth, forthright person and I admire her greatly. 

Rick Riordan (picture courtesy of Jenn H)

Victoria Roth (picture courtesy of Jenn H)

After breakfast was over, Jenn, Michele and I raced over to the Librarian's Speed Dating event.  This is an event where representatives from 21 publishers share their favorite books from the upcoming the fall/ winter season from their houses in a speed-dating format.  Each representative has 9 minutes to sell us on their favorites.  It was a fascinating, quick paced event with only one little glitch. While they were setting up the tables,  2 of the Librarians at my table would grab a copy of each new book the publisher reps put down and put them in their bag.  They didn't even bother looking at what the book was about or how many copies of each book they had.  It was really grabby and tacky.  There were a couple of books that I was interested in, but they grabbed them before I could even look (There wasn't supposed to be a copy of each book for each person) Our table got to hear from Hachette, HarperPerenial, Berkley, NAL, Picador, Anchor and LittleBrown. I enjoyed hearing the passion in the reps voice as they championed their favorite books. So fun and inspiring. Cannot wait to tell my co-workers about some of the titles.

After this was over I walked around, chatted with some people and publishers than it was off to wait in line for Elizabeth Wein.  I had recently finished Code Name Verity and I was very much interested in chatting with her. Also got a copy of the companion novel, Rose Under Fire, signed by her.

Than went to hang with Terri and Irene who were waiting in a huge line for VE. Schwab.  They convinced me to come and meet with her and get a signed copy of her latest book, Vicious, as well. Glad I did as she was truly delightful to chat with and extremely personable - I can totally see why sweet Terri loves her so much.

Irene and Terri

V.E. Schwab
After that is was a mad rush to meet some more of the authors on my spreadsheet (Yes, I know that sounds weird, but trust me, you need one!)  Thank goodness for the Front of the line pass I purchased and the one Jenn gave me. First up was Brandon Mull. One of my favorite co-workers Sim, asked me to try and get a book signed for her.  Mission was completed and he was a lovely man btw - promised him I would read one of his books pronto. Than used my front of the line pass to meet Mo Willems. He was lovely. However, I was a little cheesed off because after being told we could get our books personalized, he changed his mind and was only signing his signature. Was a tad disappointed but hey I got to chat with him, got a copy of his book and its signed for my  kids -- they can always sell it after I am dead since it isn't personalized to anyone.  Than ran over to meet Rick Yancey, had heard so many great things about his book I had to score a copy of it and see what the fuss was about.  He was quite funny to talk to and I look forward to reading.

Than I had to book it to wait in line at the Scholastic booth to get a copy of Gaiman's  Fortunately the Milk for my co-worker Jen L.  She loves Gaiman and as we know I like to make people happy.  While I was sitting there I remembered that I wanted to grab Jesse/Jake a Wimpy Kid Umbrella (yup also like to make the kids happy) Irene, Terri's mom,  offered to go grab me one which was so incredibly nice,  and I am totally grateful to her.  Jesse loved it btw!

Jesse and his wimpy kid umbrella (Came in handy - you have all heard now about the floods we had here in Calgary)

After that (as you can tell there is lots of waiting in line, than running to the next event) Jenn and I ran back to the hotel and got ready for the next event.

Random House Canada Party

After some confusing directions Jenn, Michele, Terri, Irene and I ended up at the Random House Canada party (almost ended up at the Random House USA party). It was held at the Landmarc Restaurant at the Time Warner building. Next time I come to New York, I am totally coming back here. We had a lovely relaxing time chatting with each other, sipping on a lovely wine and noshing on some scrumptious appetizers.  Had a delightful chat with Charles the Butler (Charles MacPherson) and almost met Red Green, but he was only there for a few moments (damn!)  Jeremy and his beautiful wife, Renee (hopefully spelled correctly) dropped by for a few moments and enjoyed chatting with them as well. Tried to convince her to marry her eldest daughter to my son Jake (Hey, they are awesome and I want my boys to have awesome In-laws) She said my son would have to convert, and I was totally up for it.  Shh don't tell Jake yet!! Also mentioned to keep her girls far from Jesse as he is quite the ladies man, for a 4 yr old.  When it came for Terri and Jeremy left I almost broke down into tears.  Tonight was going to be my last night with these people for a very long time and it made me seriously depressed.  I love my family and the move to Calgary was the right one for them, but sometimes it is so hard to be away from people that are as passionate about books as I am. I will miss you guys!

Robbie Robertson (didn't get a chance to chat with him)
The Random House party ended quite early so we met up with Michele's friend Jen, and headed out to dinner at this funky restaurant, called Cancun, that Jen recommended.

Fajitas - seriously yummy!

Michele and Jen

We walked around town and hit the Magnolia Bakery. By this time I had consumed a lot of wine and really needed something sweet.  Their cupcakes are soooo yummy, you have to get one if you are ever in New York!  Bid a sad farewell to Jen, who I totally enjoyed. She is so vivacious, funny and wise!

And well once again it was time to bed, had to get up early in the morning to make sure I got to the Neil Gaiman event nice and early. The first 500 people were getting a signed copy of Gaiman's book and well, I really wanted one.

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