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Friday, June 28, 2013

Pre BEA - Day 2

One of the most relaxing days I ever had in New York.  Jenn, best roommate ever, well except for the snoring thing had to leave early to attend a Pre-BEA session , so she told me to sleep in. And let me tell you I did -- I didn't roll out of bed till 9:00am.  I know that this probably doesn't sound like sleeping in - but hello, I'm a mom and this was luxury. Plus I didn't have my 4 yr old jump on me at 6:00am, cuddle with me, than giggle as he farts on me. This is the typical morning ritual in the Rayment household, so as you can imagine I was in heaven when I woke up.

After a relaxing morning shower (with no one popping their head and giggling about how mommy looks funny naked - note to self, must get lock for bathroom) and coffee, I met up with Michele and her outrageously fun friend Jen (yes we often called this BEA "The Abundance of Jen's) at their hotel.

Since Jen is a New York expert, we trusted her to pick us the perfect place for breakfast, and she did.  We ate at the H.K. (Hell's Kitchen) Cafe where I had a delicious spinach and feta egg white omelet that was to die for. Honestly the thing fueled me for the whole day without making me feel over full. Next time I am in New York I will definitely be checking you out again.  Coffee was fabulous too btw!

Then we just spent the day walking around New York (have to say it is one of my favorite cities, so alive and eclectic). Jen, our unofficial tour guide,took us to all of  her favorite spots in New York while teaching us how not to look like tourists.  It was a  fascinating, fun and the type of day I needed.  We had no plans and we just soaked in everything New York had to offer.  Enjoyed just being with people like me. After the stress of the last year, this was such a simple but wonderful day.

Honestly, cannot remember the order of our day, but here are just a few of the things we did.

Fishs Eddy - One of the most unusual and fun housewares stores I have ever been too. Really wish I hadn't been on a tight budget or I would have totally dropped a fortune there.

Washington Square Park: After walking around on such a hot and humid day, this was the perfect place to stop for a while.  Enjoyed watching the young children frolic in the midday sun without a care in the world.
Michele and Jen

Pic curtesy of Michele Li (Me and Jen - two of the Abundance of Jen's)

Union Square: A truly vibrant area of the city. I had my Tarot cards read by a women that Jen highly recommended.  I was impressed with this women's ability to read people (or her gift, still not sure on this one). She told me a bunch of fascinating things that were truly overwhelming. What I remember (hey I am old, remembering things is not my strong point) is that the universe is spinning around me and waiting for me to step up and make things happen. I have a light in me that attracts people ( you hear that Nathan Fillion, come and find me) and that I just need to step up and grab the things I want. She also told me that life gets more interesting and better around September of this year (Hmm coincides with my 4 yr old going to Kindergarten).  She also mentioned that I should mature - um not sure that is going to happen and stand up for myself.  One of my favorite things she said that there was a man with a secret in my future -- hmmm yup I am also hoping that that has something to do with Nathan Fillion having a secret crush on me -- come on Nathan, I may be a plain looking girl, but I have learned THINGS from books and shh don't tell Jeff ; )

Union Square

The Strand: The mecca for book lovers in New York. I had heard so many wonderful things about this store, I just had to visit.  Honestly, you could spend days in this place. However, we only had a few minutes so we took a quick look around and I also picked up a copy of The Messenger by Lois Lowry, that I had been looking for. I highly recommend taking some time to scope out this massive book store if you are ever in the area.

Loved this display made out of damaged books

Once again raced back to the hotel to get prepared for a publisher event.  Jenn and I attended the HarperCollins party at the KLounge and what a blast it was.

Ran into Cindy, who is a delightfully sweet and funny blogger from Canada (Yes we Canadians seem to find each other and bond).  I was a little nervous when I looked over and saw Wally Lamb.  He is one of those writers who intimidate me as I believe they are superior intellectually than myself and don't want to come across as stupid. Of course, Jenn, thought I was being a moron and dragged me over to meet him. He was such a delightfully frank and charming  man and he put me at ease right away.   I think we spent over an hour talking to him about education (he was a teacher) writing, kids, etc. Also had a chance to chat with Eloise James, Leah Clifford, Rachel Carter and so many more fabulous authors.

Me and my pal Wally
One of my favorite photos - this shows how fabulous and down to earth Wally - and also how hilarious my pal Jenn is 
 Now I am just one of those people who is bound to do something stupid, so I am going to  tell you all about it for your amusement.  Looked over and noticed one of the authors had a button (Fabulous ideas H.C., as in most cases with authors, you have no idea what they look like) that said Evanovich.  In hindsight, really should have looked closer at the first name -- but hey, I was half way through a lovely merlot on an mostly empty stomach (was on a seriously tight budget).  We chatted for a long time about all sorts of things, until she made some sort of comment about book sales. I said why should you worry, as I regularly sell at least 5 copies of her book each week.  And being the extremely classy women that she was said, oh I think you have me confused with my aunt "Janet Evanovich".  Busted I totally thought she was Janet Evanovich. Man I felt like a total ass, but if it helps Stephanie -- I totally pre-ordered  your book as soon as I came home to make up for it.

Jenn, Adriana Trigiani and Stephanie Evanovich
Now on Adriana Trigiani. You are a wonderfully larger than life person and I bought your book the first day I came back to Toronto just because I enjoyed talking to you.  You made every single person you met, feel like they were fascinating and someone you felt a connection too. You truly made every person feel like they were special.

Everyone I chatted with raved about the appetizers.  I had to keep away from them as I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to certain spices.  However, the wine was delish and the service was fabulous.  My only complaint that was nobody was introduced - but hey it was a cocktail party so I guess that was the point.
Photo courtesy of Jenn (wish I had written down the name of the wine)
 As we left, once again we received a lovely bag filled with books from the authors that were present at the party. Thank you Alaina Waagner &  HarperCollins for a truly wonderful event that I will remember always.

Me and Leah Clifford
And Wally, thanks again for making a small town girl feel like she was at home and would you mind being a tutor for my 11 year old ; )

We tweeted one of my favorite bookish men, Cammy,  to find out what he was up to.  We met up with him at The Ace Hotel where he was attending a private event hosted by Simon and Schuster for Amanda Lindhout.  We also ran into the fabulous Felicia from Simon and Schuster (she has a fabulous personality, so fun, honest and passionate about her job - next time I am in T.O. Felicia -- I am taking you out to LUMA for dinner!!). I also had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Hanson, the President of Simon and Schuster Canada. He was a truly charming man and hopefully I convinced him that he needs to send the handsome and talented Brad Smith to Chapters Shawnessy for an author event.  Had a few minutes to chat with Amanda Lindhout about her book and about living in Canmore (Near where I live in Calgary). She is a truly beautiful and peaceful individual and I wish I had had a chance to read her book before I met her.  Also ticked off that another one of our bookstores in Calgary scooped her up for an event before the store I worked at did.  Obi Wan Cammy you must teach me your ways, so that I can make Chapters Shawnessy the MUST stop place for authors.

Goofing around with Jenn (Pic courtesy of Jenn)

Cammy had to take off with the Simon and Schuster staff so Jenn and I hung out and chatted while snacking down on the best grilled cheese I have ever eaten -- and trust me I have eaten a lot of grilled cheeses. The Ace has a great vibe and it is the perfect place to people watch.  Than it was back to the hotel to once again pass out -- after all tomorrow was the official Day 1 of BEA and I needed to be rested.


  1. Haha! Awesome day 2 recap! It was SO lovely to hang out with you and Jen on that Wednesday.. what a relaxing day - and we walked so far! :)

    Miss ya!

    1. We should have been wearing pedometers : )

  2. I was surprised at how many Jen's I met that week. It was so nice to see you again. Just a heads up with the Harper Collins no one is ever introduced which is a little sad. It was another great party with great food.

    Adrianna is a total sweet heart. Great story teller and an amazing person.

    1. I don't understand why they didn't, it would have made so much more sense, ah well, I agree it was a fabulous party. Agree, loved Adrianna! Hope to see you again next year