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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pre BEA - Day 1

Once again I was blessed to be able to attend BEA & lets face it escape the children for a while.  This year it was a very big deal for me as I moved across the country and have been separated from my bookish pals for almost a year. Honestly this year I was more interested in hanging with Jenn, Terri and Michele than actually attending the event.

I left bright and early from Calgary to hop on my flight to New York, with a 2 hour stop over in Toronto (Was supposed to meet one of my friends, but we figured this stopover wouldn't work as well on the way home.) It was torture being so close to the ones I love and not being able to see them.  Took good use of my time and finished reading Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick (while sipping on a yummy Timmy's) before jumping on my flight to New York.

Took Air Canada this time and while not as good as WestJet or Porter, it was still an pleasant flight. Watched A Good Day to Die Hard for a while but it bored the crap out of me so I took out my laptop and worked on my review for Gorgeous instead.

Rogers had screwed up and not put into service my phone package so when I arrived at La Guardian I had no reception on my damn phone.  Poor Jenn who was supposed to meet me had no way of getting in touch with me. Finally got some change and used the pay phone to find out where she was (next terminal from mine)

Finally we found each other and raced back to the hotel to freshen up for the SimonTeen party that was being held at the Hudson Terrrace

Sorry Simon we showed up so late, and were so loud (ok it was Terri and me, Jenn was a good girl)

We missed a lot of the talks, but the ones we did get to hear were fascinating and funny!

Party (Pictures courtesy of Michele)
 The appetizers were yummy - especially the sliders and the wait and bar staff were delightful. (As a stay at home mom and part time Chapters worker - my pay isn't so great so the free food was a huge bonus as I was on a very tight budget), The best part was just hanging and catching up with Jenn, Michele and Teri (and her delightful Mom) and meeting Ardo in person for the first time.

Two of my buddies Michele and Ardo both won prizes which was fabulous and it was nice just hanging with all the bookish people. The gift bag we got as we left was truly spectacular and very generous.

Some of the books from gift bag
 Thank you SimonTeen (and Teresa Ronquillo for the invite) for hosting a fabulous event.

After the event was over we went back to our hotel and passed out cold.  We needed the sleep after such a busy day. Tomorrow Day 2, where I get to just walk around and enjoy vibrant New York City (one of my favorite towns)

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