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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Hero`s Guide to Storming the Castle by Christopher Healy

The Hero`s Guide to Storming the Castle
by Christopher Healy
ISBN: 978-0-06-211845-5
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Published April 30, 2013

Description: Prince Liam. Prince Frederic. Prince Duncan. Prince Gustav. You remember them, don't you? They're the Princes Charming who finally got some credit after they stepped out of the shadows of their princesses - Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Briar Rose - to defeat an evil witch bent on destroying all their kingdoms.

But alas, such fame and recognition only last so long. And when the princes discover that an object of great power might fall into any number of wrong hands, they are going to have to once again band together to stop it from happening - even if no one will ever know it was they who did it.

The Good Stuff
  • Love the snarky & smart humour - actually made me snort out loud with laughter on many occasions (and unfortunately while riding the bus which led to some rude stares from fellow commuters)
  • Quirky, wise and fun
  • Strong female characters
  • Lots of twists and turns and plenty of excitement
  • Lot of wonderful messages about the importance of friendship and appreciating each others way of life and each others strengths and flaws all done in a non in your face way (to me another sign of a great writer - no one likes morals shoved in their faces)
  • You even enjoy the bad guys antics - come on how can you not love Briar a little
  • The artwork is marvelous (although I have an ARC so many of the illustrations are incomplete and missing)

The Not So Good Stuff
  • This one might be a hard sell to intended audience as it is an unusual  series and you really need to find the write person for it

Favorite Quotes/Passages

"To which I will respond by saying that perhaps you may have skipped a book on your way to this one. You should probably check on that."

"I know Briar Rose is the enemy here," he said, nodding appreciatively. "But she knows how to put on a show"

"He had to get his hands on that sword before Briar did. The fate of the world might depend on it Drat. He thought. Looks like I picked a bad week to stop believing in myself"

Who Should/Shouldn`t Read
  • This is one that will appeal to adults as well as kids (but just the right kid)
  • Though many differ with me on this, I say it will appeal to girls rather than boys
  • For the kid who is just a little bit different
4 Dewey`s

I received this from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review

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