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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

UPDATE : Silent Auction: Proceeds towards Kids Need to Read

If you want to bid and I don't know you - that is fine - but I don't like to suggest it as not everyone on the Internet is legit. 

I am raising money for Kids Need to Read to give personally to Nathan Fillion (Co-creator) of the charity at the Calgary Fan Expo

So how does this whole online auction thing work?
Starting later today I’ll be posting items up for bid. You can bid on each item by adding your bid amount and adding your First name and last initial (no contact info as I know you all)
Each SIGNED book has a starting amount and you cannot bid lower than that
Each bid must be in increments of $1
Ends April 21st and must have money to me by April 25th
Money can be e-transfer or paid to me directly.  Will post a pic of the cheque and me handing it to Captain Tightpants himself (Nathan Fillion for those poor souls who do not know the reference) as proof that this is legit. Again most of you already know that
Winners will all get a pic of me  passing cheque to Nathan (yes I can photoshop myself out)

How will I know if I’ve won?
Once each auction closes, I’ll be emailing the winners. You can also check back on the auction you’ve bid on.

Can I bid on more than one auction?
By all means, yes!

What happens once I win?
I will email you that you were the winner and the amount that you bid. When payment has been sent the book will be sent to you right away

Can’t I just send you the money?
Nope. I am an individual and not registered as a non profit organization.
Okay, this is great but I still have a few questions.
Not a problem! Drop me a line at mountie9 at gmail dot com. If you have trouble trying to bid - just email me and I will put in bid for you

All Books Are Signed (Unless stated)

Auction items are as follows

Back to Work by Bill Clinton
Drama by John Lithgow
Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan
I am So the Boss of you (Not pictured because I am getting her to sign it in a couple of weeks)
The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver
The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
Shakespeare's Landlord by Charlaine Harris
The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta
Little Princes by Conor Grennan
Splinters by Kevin Sylvester
Betsy Wickwire's Dirty Secret by Vicki Grant, Flying Blind by Deborah Cooke (combo auction)
Son of  Neptune by Rick Riordan
Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult
Land of Stories by Chris Colfer
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater (Signed to Jen -- just saying may want to be named Jen)
Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong
Undead and Uneasy by Mary Janice Davidson
ARC Mind Games by Kiersten White (NOT SIGNED)
ARC Omens by Kelley Armstrong (NOT SIGNED)


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    1. Moved your bid to the one directly for the Bill Clinton book