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Monday, April 1, 2013

Nice Girl by Kate Baum

Nice Girl
by Kate Baum
Self Published

Description: Graduate student Grace Locke moves from the Midwest to New York City to complete her Masters degree in Criminology. She longs to one day be a college professor. It is a field that is dominated by men. She is worried about succeeding in such an atmosphere. Past sexual relationships have caused her to feel intimidated. Her experiences with college men have left her jaded and unsatisfied. She gives herself a challenge. Time to toughen up or she won’t make it in a career she yearns for. She decides to surround herself with alpha males so that she can practice becoming what she sees as a strong confident woman. She finds power and defiance in her new attitude……..until Vinnie.

When Grace takes a part time secretarial job at a private investigator office, she assumes it will be interesting to watch how the cases unfold. It is close to her campus apartment and gives her the extra cash she needs as a struggling college student. Even more perfect is that the office is surrounded by street wise hardened males. Now, she can get the needed practice at increasing her confidence among men. She wasn’t prepared for Vinnie Lewis. A former hit man who decides to go straight, he is the ultimate “bad boy”. After growing up with a prostitute mother on the streets of New York City, he has no patience for nice girls like Grace. He is difficult to work with. She finds him just plain scary with his six foot four frame, bulging biceps, and a scar from a former knife fight that goes across his right ear to his chin. She shakes in his presence but then ……. is shocked when she can’t stop thinking of him.

The Good Stuff
  • Usually don`t do self published, but glad I did in this case
  • Wonderful escapist novel
  • Perfect for reading on the beach (or on a long plane ride). Our flight home from Cancun was almost 6 hours and I finished this and Messenger thanks to hubby who sat with Jesse (Hey I sat with two kids on the way there I earned it let me tell you)
  • Nice chemistry between Grace and Vinnie
  • Enjoyed the friendships between the characters - very refreshing and realistic
  • Nice to see a character want to become a stronger woman 
  • Supporting characters added some great light moments
  • Looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series
  • It's been a while since I read a contemporary romance so it was kinda fun
  • Felt a kinship to as we are very similar (even physically -well except I am more on the slim side but I was chubby) - well except for having the hots for overly muscular men LOL!
  • Positive gay/lesbian characters
The Not So Good Stuff
  • Frustrating at times with the will they or won`t they
  • I get it he has got bulging muscles and she thinks that is really hot  
  • Also was irritated with Grace's obsession with exercise - but hey I really shouldn't judge as I am very similar - hmm maybe that was why I was so irritated - it struck a little too close to home (yes free therapy here LOL!)
  • With a little more tighter editing I say it could easily be published by one of the major publishers
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"How could she do anything for him tied up and spread eagle on the bed?" Dee asked. At that point, we didn't stop laughing for at least five minutes."

"India's parents were not that accepting of her sexual orientation. Those stories always made me so sad. How could you ever push away your child just because of who they love."

"If I was angry, my face shook when I spoke. I hated this part of me. It made me feel weak."

Who Should/Shouldn`t Read
  • Perfect book for those looking for something to escape life with for a while and have a good time
  • Fans of contemporary romance will eat this one up
  • Hate to fly and this one got me through it
3.5  Dewey`s

I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review

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