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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Slim for Life by Jillian Michaels

Slim for Life
by Jillian Michaels
Harmony Books (Random House)
ISBN: 978-0-385-34922-2
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DescriptionStop battling your weight and slim down for life with this no-nonsense, insider’s plan from America’s health, wellness, and weight-loss guru: Jillian Michaels. She has helped millions lose weight and feel great, and now she can help you, too.

Bestselling author and Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels swore she’d never write another diet book. But she realized that with all of the conflicting, overly complicated information being thrown at you each day, what you need is a clear, simple plan that cuts through all the confusion to deliver amazing results, fast. This book distills all she’s learned about diet, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle to provide anyone seeking to be slim, strong, and healthy with an easier path to achieving dramatic body transformation.

You’ll learn to:
* Utilize Jillian’s insider secrets for optimizing your fat-burning potential
* Dispel myths and avoid diet trends that will damage your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose weight
* Banish self-sabotage, build support, and cultivate lasting motivation
* Navigate and circumvent every possible pitfall presented by any situation or circumstance you could come up against—from weight-loss plateaus to travel, budget, and time constraints
* Eat, move, and live in manageable, and even enjoyable, ways that facilitate a slim, sexy physique
* Supplement strategically, manage stress, and even purchase the proper home and beauty products—all to help ignite your metabolism
No nonsense, no gimmicks, just actionable advice that gets incredible results fast!

The Good Stuff
  • OMG, I totally have a girl crush on her.  She's my kind of women.  A practical, no BS kinda women
  • Self deprecating and funny
  • Doesn't bore you with the science behind everything, but does give you a little background so you understand
  • Very little self promotion and if you have read any of these types of books before you will know that is pretty rare
  • Fabulous index (yes I think we all know by now, that this is important to me) and plenty of references to back up her information
  • The fast fact asides are interesting and useful
  • This is a must have for everyone - she is all about moderation (btw Jillian sweetie I have kids can we agree that it is okay to have 4-5 glasses of wine a week instead of two -- I know I know but hell if you meet my kids you will understand)
  • Everything is practical and affordable
  • She goes into living a more healthy lifestyle as well - not just being slim.  Recommends some healthy home and beauty changes you can make to live a healthier and longer life
  • The first lifestyle book that I didn't want to put down
  • She's a firm believer in everything in moderation - and I truly believe that is the key to being happy
  • Yes totally agree with her about reading nutrition labels properly.  You won't believe some of the shit companies try to get away with. We noticed some of the Blue Label products were labeled fat-free but the amount of sodium was off the charts\
  • Great practical recipes for ways of spicing up meals without adding calories and salt (sorry my DH had a heart attack and we are extremely vigilant about added salt in products and recipes)
The Not So Good Stuff
  • Ok loved her so much I went out and purchased a couple of her workout tapes and OWWW! In all seriousness she gets results - I can even see the beginning of muscles already and I am more a go for a long walk and consider that exercise kinda girl
  • Would have liked a few less mentions of slim and more uses of word healthy but hey lets face the facts most of us women want to be told we look slim
  • I now feel slightly bad that I have never watched The Biggest Loser (sorry kids I am not much of a reality TV kinda gal)

Favorite Quotes

"If it didn't come from the ground or the ocean or have a mother - don't eat it. Think about it. Twinkies and Cheestos - what the hell are these? There's no Twinkie tree, and I'm pretty positive that nothing ever gave birth to a Cheeto."

"Kids are kids; we are the adults. It's our job to protect them and make healthy decisions for the whole family."

"The obvious way to lose weight, despite whatever load of crap the diet charlatans tell you, is to eat less and move more.'

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
  • There is something in this for everyone
  • If you want to get healthier and lose weight, get thee to a bookstore and buy immediately (Also recommend Jillian Michaels for Beginners to get the exercise regime started)
4.95 Dewey's

I received this from Random House in exchange for an honest review

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