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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Professor GargoyleThe Slither Sisters & by Charles Gilman

Professor Gargoyle (Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1)
By Charles Gilman
Quirk Books
ISBN: 978-1-59474
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Description: Every volume in the Lovecraft Middle School series is fully illustrated and features an original lenticular portrait on the cover. Display them on bookshelves—and then watch the cover characters morph into monsters as you pass by!

In Professor Gargoyle, we’re introduced to 11-year-old Robert Arthur and the strange world of Lovecraft Middle School. It’s a brand-new state-of-the-art facility—so why do so many creepy things keep happening? Why is the science teacher acting so strangely? And where are all the rats coming from?

As Robert explores with his new friends Glenn and Carina, he discovers that the school may be a portal to another world.

The Slither Sisters (Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2)
by Charles Gilman
Quirk Books
ISBN: 978-1-59474-593-5
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Description: This second novel in the Tales from Lovecraft Middle School series begins right where Professor Gargoyle ended.  Seventh-grader Robert Arthur has discovered that two of his classmates are actually sinister snake-women in disguise. Even worse, his new middle school is full of “gates” to a terrifying alternate dimension – a haunted mansion full of strange spirits and monstrous beasts.  For Robert to protect his teachers and classmates, he'll need to return to this haunted dimension with his best friends Glenn and Karina.   Can they uncover the secrets of Lovecraft Middle School before it's too late?

The Slither Sisters features more bizarre beasts, more strange mysteries, and more adventure.  It's perfect for readers ages 10 and up. Best of all, the cover features a state-of-the-art “morphing” photo portrait – so you can personally witness the sisters transforming into their slithering alter egos.  You won't believe your eyes!

The Good Stuff
  • Fast paced  - storyline would keep even the most reluctant reader engaged and not wanting to put book down
  • Twisted and funny (Alot of Whedon type humour)
  • Kids act like kids their age should (well except for the paranormal stuff)
  • Many of the adult characters are realistic and not idiots (yes I know its a pet peeve)
  • Really how many of us at one time didn't think their teachers were evil (I'm still pretty sure Mr Turcok was)
  • Robert is a likeable character and many will understand his predicament - lots of changes when you go to a new school and don't know anyone.  Also growing up is hard
  • I'm sorry even if this series sucked I would pick them up for the cover alone -- my preschooler plays with them for hours
  • In Slither Sisters (mentioned a little in Professor Gargoyle) there is a fantastic Librarian character. Ok they made her old and a tad frumpy, but she still is an awesome character
  • Great morals/messages worked into the story without making it obvious - love an author who can do that effectively
  • The library is awesome, I totally want to work there
  • Will definitely be picking up the next book in the series & will be saving them for Jesse to read when he gets older  (and hopefully Jake will eventually read them oo)

The Not So Good Stuff
  • The cover might freak out the less adventuresome reader (aka my son - won't even pick it up & he would love the story)
  • Do you have any idea how many post it notes I used while reviewing and how hard it was to just pick only 6 quotes (since I am reviewing both at once)
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"He knew the only thing more embarrassing than sitting alone at his new middle school would be sitting with his mommy" from Professor Gargoyle

"These can be filled with downloaded books and checked out from the library - as long as you are very careful with them of course. Personally I'm a little old fashioned. I still prefer the feel of a real book with real pages.  The best feeling in the world if you ask me. But we have to embrace the future don't we children?" Professor Gargoyle

"No one chooses to go to the principal's office," Glenn continued. "You avoid this place. You don't volunteer to come here and hang out." The Slither Sisters

"But I can't win," Robert insisted. "I'm not a leader."
Ms Lavinia shrugged. "Well, I'm afraid you need to become one."  The Slither Sisters

"If my brother learns I'm helping you, he'll rip my head off," she said. "And that's not what your language arts teachers call hyperbole.

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
  • Perfect for the reluctant reader
  • This is one that would even appeal to the stronger middle school reader as it is just such a fun and wicked read
  • Adults will even get a kick out of the series (I sure did -- but lets face it I'm not really an adult - even-though I am 42)
4.75 Dewey's

I received The Slither Sisters from Random House in exchange for an honest review & I purchased Professor Gargoyle because no matter what I always have to read a series in order (but you don't have to read them in order)

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