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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Affordable Feasts Collection by Canadian Living

The Affordable Feasts Collection
by Canadian Living
Transcontinental Books
ISBN: 978-0-9877474-3-3
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Description: When there's no room in your budget for luxuries, you can still eat like royalty at home. All it takes is a Tested-Till-Perfect Canadian Living recipe to turn an inexpensive supermarket staple into a feast.

The Affordable Feasts Collection brings together a selection of the best budget-friendly recipes created by The Canadian Living Test Kitchen. Each chapter focuses on a specific type of ingredient that's always reasonably priced -- ground meat, chicken thighs, beans, pasta, root veggies and more. The Test Kitchen dresses up these ingredients with inexpensive, flavourful pantry and freezer staples and affordable fresh ingredients, creating mouthwatering meals that taste like you spent a fortune.

Packed with helpful tips from Canada's most trusted food experts, The Affordable Feasts Collection helps home cooks stretch their grocery budget -- without sacrificing flavour or quality. Recipes are family-focused, with options for both day-to-day dinners and special occasion meals. That means you can sit back, relax and enjoy dinner, knowing that it's going to be delicious without breaking the bank.

The Good Stuff
  • Simple, easy to follow instructions
  • Ingredients are easily available at most chain grocery stores
  • Great variety of recipes
  • Useful information about making cheaper cuts of meat taste divine 
  • Will never eat another hamburger again - the pork burgers are fantabulous and NO breadcrumbs needed (which is perfect for my cutting out wheat in my diet)
  • The photographs (cough cough should be way more of them) are simple yet show off the recipe perfectly and are extremely appetizing looking
  • It's Canadian - never been very good at math so American cookbooks are frustrating as I always have to convert the measurements (thank god for online conversion sites -- shhh don't tell my son I cheated)
  • Love the nutritional value information
  • All the recipes we tried, and by the  way, my boys both helped me make them all  & they turned out perfectly

The Not So Good Stuff
  •  Not enough pictures
  • No desserts
  • Not a lot of low fat type meals
Favorite Recipes
  • Tomato Chili Flank Steak w/ Grilled Cauliflower - Pg 54
  • Chicken Paprikash - Pg 72
  • Pork Burgers - Pg 80
  • Maple Buttermilk Grilled Chicken - Pg 93
  • Jalepeno Bean Cakes w/ Lime Mayo - Pg 118
  • Slow Cooker Pumpkin Coconut Soup - Pg 224 (I substituted with butternut squash like was suggested if we couldn't find pumpkin)

Who Should/Shouldn't Use
  • Perfect for the beginner cook 
  • An ideal cookbook for families, especially those on a budget
  • Advanced cook may be a little bored by the meals
4.25 Dewey's

We received this from Random House in exchange for an honest review

Pictures (More to come)


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