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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What is Sexy? and Contest

Family please don't read this post - especially M.I.L. and Kids : )

Well its that time of year again - yup People's Sexiest Man issue & once again I had to say what -- really (happens every year -- well except for when it was Ryan Reynolds (Dude he is Canadian & funny) and Matt Damon (doesn't do it for me but at least he has personality) Now no offense to Channum Tating -- I'm sure you are a decent guy & well you really do have a nice chest -- but you just don't do it for me.

It made me think & want to discuss.  However, I am home alone today and in a new Province so I have no one to talk to. So figured what the hell - how about I write something on my blog.    Forgive me for my lack of writing ability & for those who only want to read my opinions on a book, just skip this post.

I have always been teased about my taste in men - even as far back as middle school. My first crush (which btw lasted until college) was Mike Tobias Tinker.  Ever other girl liked the conventional pretty boys, but no I had to have a crush on the smart, geeky and pimpled guy.  I was teased unmercifully but I didn't care.  There was something just special about him, he had more than just looks - I could see past the pimples people.  Update, I still find him handsome & he developed into a truly talented musician -- check him out Tobias Tinker.  

When all the other girls had crush's on the guys from Duran Duran & The Dukes of Hazzard Boys - I had a crush on Joe Elliot from Def Leppard and Alan Alda .

Even now I find myself attracted to men who are not conventionally handsome.  Usually comments I get are really -- Seriously Rayment -- the dude is short and bald & you are thinking naughty thoughts about HIM - that is nasty.  or JR you want to get it on with THAT guy - have you seen the size of his nose (Won't go farther into that conversation - totally inappropriate!)

I like to think that it's because I am a more developed person and am above petty things such as good looks, but yeah that is probably a load of shit.  The truth is I am just a practical girl who is plain & has self esteem issues.  I would be too worried about what I look like naked to have a good time in bed with some chiseled hunk (thought I might make an exception for sex on a stick Daniel Craig).  Plus those greek god looking types just don't look like they would be fun in bed.    Now Steve Carrell is more the type of guy I want to go to bed with. He wouldn't take him self too seriously and I wouldn't have to worry about my love handles with a guy like that.  Plus in my experience (again kids stop here) the hot ones are never worth the effort -- you know who I mean diver boy!  I also need more than great sex to be happy. I want a man who will make me laugh, wants to talk about books, cooks, great father & just plain decent.  Yup my hubby fits all of the above (well except for the book thing -- but hey at least he reads to the kids)

To make a long story short -- way toooooo late.  This is my top 5 votes for who should grace the covers of World's Sexiest Men - but probably never will.

Nathan Fillion  (He is mine people -- back the hell off) - He is handsome, doesn't look like he wastes every day in a gym, intelligent, self deprecating, promotes literacy, Reads & Canadian.  That is why he is my top choice

Zachary Levi 

Adam Baldwin

Steve Carrell

Daniel Craig - ok he is just on the list for sex alone - hey a girl has to have one hot stud

Now I want to hear from you.  What do you think is sexy in a man? and who are your top 5?

US & Canada
Ends November 30, 2012
Prize: Copy of 2012 People's Sexiest Man issue & Book of your choice up to $15
In Comments just answer one of the two questions: What do you think is sexy in a man? and who are your top 5?


  1. My top 5 men are:
    Michael Fassbender
    Ray Stevenson
    Idris Elba
    Stephen Moyer
    Damien Lewis

  2. Intelligence is definitely sexy. A nice body and face doesn't hurt either.
    Top 5:
    Josh Hutcherson
    Jamie Campbell Bower
    Max Irons
    Douglas Booth
    Ryan Lochte

    1. Excellent point - now off to look at your choices as I don't recognize the names (yup I am that old LOL!) Good Luck in the contest

  3. For me it definitely helps if we care about the same things. Like reading, and sci-fi and other geeky stuff :)
    But for celebrities, I like people who seem like they're laid back and casual as well as handsome

    My top 5:
    Jesse Williams
    John Barrowman
    Daniel Craig
    Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Gosling

    1. Exactly Christa - they must have some geeky attributes for me to find them sexy. Excellent choices- Good luck in contest


  4. I find kindness with a backbone, worldy but not obnoxious, loving but not overbearing, understanding, helpful but does not do it all, funny but not in a mean way is s e x y to me! My top 5 men are: Bradley Cooper and those fantastic blue eyes, Matt Damon and his calm, Chris Hemsworth is well Thor, Jake Gyllenhaal seems nice, Hugh Jackman is intense
    .. hope you enjoyed my pics :) Twitter handle @plumerea

    1. Fabulous attributes for a sexy men & I definitely agree with your choices. Was actually watching Xmen while typing up some of the post
      Thanks for commenting and good luck in the contest

  5. I love lumberjacks.
    It's a problem.
    But I love someone who reads and who can cook. Doesn't need to be amazing cook, but who has at least 5 signature dishes. I just don't want him to starve if I'm away for a weekend.
    Oh, and if he has a dirty look in his smile and eyes, I'm gone.

    Top 5
    Jeffery dean morgan
    Daniel craig
    This baker I know who lives in Boston

    1. LOve it Gillian & Excellent choices & I love the dirty look in his eye comment -- that is definitely a hot thing

  6. What a great post! A man needs to have a sense of humour and be passionate about something. It doesn't have to be the same thing as me, but he has to show passion about something. My husband gets really amped up when we talk about politics and current events, I love that. I also really enjoy watching my husband do difficult math problems.
    My top 5 sexiest celebs:
    Adam Levine
    Ryan Gosling
    Chris Evans
    Ryan Lochte
    Jesse Williams

    Interestingly, all of these men look absolutely nothing like my husband who my sexiest man alive. Guess I don't really have a type!

    1. I agree passionate about something is a big key to being sexy. Great choices (although I did have to look up Ryan and Jesse -- yes I know I'm old) And also my 5 sexy aren't anything like my also sexiest man alive hubby - Thanks for taking the time to comment and good luck in the contest

  7. Yay, I love your sexy Firefly men!

    I think intelligence, confidence and talent are sexy in a man. As well as liking kids!

    Because sexiness isn't based on looks alone (for me at least), here's my list:
    5. Freddie Mercury - He's gay, has weird teeth and is dead, but seriously! If I could have him sing to me whenever I wanted, that would be amazing!
    4. Jack White - This man is sexy based on musical talent alone.
    3. Jensen Ackles - I just love his smile.
    2. This one should be obvious
    1. My boyfriend!!

    1. Thanks love me my Whedon boys! Great list and very diverse -- love that you put your boyfriend it. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the contest. Man I loved Mercury's voice -- the man had a true gift.

  8. Ok, this is so weird, but I have a thing for forearms. I like sexy, strong forearms, and a man who rolls up the sleeves of his button-down shirt and shows them off? Well...*fans herself*

    For non-physical attributes, I like brilliance (not just intelligence), creativity and humour. Luckily, my fiance has all of those things. =p

    My top 5 sexy men:
    Stephen Amell - from Arrow. He's seriously beat out a ton of others for his abs alone. Also, he's Canadian and seems really smart
    Michael Vartan - also Canadian, and speaks delicious French, and is super hot as agent Vaughan in Alias
    Ethan Hawke - my high school dream guy. See Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
    Dan Stevens - gotta include a Hot British Guy - he's an amazing actor who totally made me fall for him in Sense & Sensibility AND Downton Abbey
    Benedict Cumberbatch - he looks weird, but I like him. Also, British. Also, Sherlock!

    1. Haha! Good call on Stephen Amell!!! I (stupidly) didn't even think of him at the moment!

    2. Tiffing - not at all weird and excellent choices - yeah Amell is one fine looking man - loved him on Hung
      Michele - how could you forget him LOL!

  9. Curiously,
    5. Alan Alda as Hawkeye, used to crush on him so bad.
    4. Klaus Maria Brandauer (Genius actor with tons of charisma. Weird, I know)
    3. Ralph Fiennes (he's a truly wonderful actor and is probably hell to live with as he seems to be so immersed in Shakespeare and stuff, heh)
    2. Gabriel Byrne (he's so funny and quirky in interviews, a good actor as well)
    1. Nathan Fillion (looks wise not my usual type at all, but for all you listed above he's my current #1;). Plus he brings the happy, seems to be a great friend and just very fun to hang with).

    1. Thanks for commenting & Excellent choices - forgot about Byrne - love his accent too

  10. Forgot to add - all these guys are twice my age or even older, except Fillion. Hmm, may be I have other problems besides preferring smarts and funnies, heh.

    1. No way - older men are always more sexy & not to mention other things LOL!

  11. I love this post! :D haha.. I always had a "Top 5" in mind ever since seeing that episode of Friends.. :P
    I think my list illustrates what I find sexy in a man.. smart, funny and good looking ;)

    1. James Marsden. By far my #1 for the past 12+ years.
    2. Josh Holloway. (Uh, SAWYER. need I say more?)
    3. John Krasinski. (Him on the Office is gold.)

    #4 & 5 are usually rotating.. I have the set first 3 always, but the last two are depending on my mood at the time.
    4. Patrick J. Adams. (Mike from Suits. Has all 3 qualities, for sure!)
    5. Alexander Skarsgard. (Okay, so I love both Eric & Sam on True Blood, but Sam's more cute. Eric is DEAD sexy ;) lol)

    Great contest!! Thanks Jen! :D

    1. Hey Michele

      Thanks - excellent choices - Holloway is one of my naughty bad boy choices - only like him with his long hair scruffy look - loved Sawyer - his character only reason I kept watching Lost

      Good luck in contest!!

  12. I love guys that are completely and totally in for your crazy plans. Whether it's to tease someone or to wander around on an adventure. You look at them and know that they're in for the fun.

    Also, blondes. LOVE blondes. I can't explain it but they get extra points if they're blond and can grow a beard.

    1. awesome - nothing better than a fun guy - especially if he is blond and tanned ; )
      Thanks for stopping buy and fingers crossed for ya!!!

  13. I'll take Keanu Reeves, Viggo Mortensen, Colin Firth, Robert Downey Jr., and LL Cool J. This list is subject to change on a whim.

    1. Love the comment about subject to change on a whim -- made me lmao

      Excellent choice - loved Viggo in Lord of the Rings and well Colin Firth - what's not to love about him!
      thanks for commenting!

  14. One who is caring, willing to listen and compromise. But strong and self reliant.

    5, subject to change at any time. - Robert Downey Jr, Hugh Jackson, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black.

    1. Excellent choices (and yes I approve of your qualities too) You gotta love Ryan -- he would be such a fun guy to hang out with too (Loved him in Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place - which also starred my boyfriend Nathan Fillion)

  15. i think it is the total package looks, smarts, sense of humour, and loyalty.You ever seen anyone who was drop dead gorgeous until he opened his mouth. I have. so for me it has to be all.

    1. Exactly - which is why I will never crush on Tom Cruise

  16. BTW - picking a winner today -- next time using Rafflecopter - much easier than creating a spreadsheet &