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Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Lena Dunham

For the regular readers of my blog, this will be a wee bit of a departure for me.  I usually just like to stick to promoting books, libraries, literacy and all things geek.  However I read a quick blurb in the local Metro that filled me with disgust.

I waited a couple of hours to post this so I could calm down and write somewhat articulately (yes and please remember writing is soooo not my thing)  The headline said. Apology, Actress takes back Bernardo tweet that "crossed that line."  I was intrigued so I kept reading. Basically the jist of articlest is that Lena Dunham had sent out a tweet that said "You guys go as killer Canadian couple Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka. I'll be her sister they murdered."  Well if that didn't get my anger going her "so called apology" sent me over the edge.  Her trite apology was this "Obviously didn't understand what a painful part of the Canadian identity the Bernardo/Homolka case was." 

I gasped in disbelief and than ranted about it towards my co-workers who also very much agreed with my sentiments.  I immediately wanted to contact Lena and berate her over her lack of sensitivity, but instead I have decided to put out a little letter to her on my blog.  The chance of her ever reading this is nill, but I have to get it off my chest.

Dear Lena

I don't want to come across as rude or hateful towards you, but what I read in our local paper actually sickened me.  I understand you were just trying to be funny  and that comedy is very subjective.  But I was actually offended by your apology.  The anger we all felt towards your tweet had nothing to do with being Canadian.  The brutal torture, rape and murder of those 3 girls experienced at the hands of those psychopaths (yes both of them, it was a travesty of justice and humanity that Homolka is now out of jail and raising a child after what she helped do to those girls) and you making light of it, is what angered people.

I can't even begin to imagine what those young girls suffered (I stayed away from the details of the trial, but still you couldn't avoid it entirely) and you thinking that pretending to be their killers would be funny disturbs me.   I actually recommend that you read some of the actual detailed information about the trial so that you know how horrifically those girls were sexually tortured before they were murdered. Maybe than you can truly understand why most people were horrified (and quite frankly I am disturbed that not everyone was horrified) by your costume idea.

 You should be apologizing to the families of those girls, not Canadians for your insensitivity.  These families are still suffering and you bringing back attention to those horrible memories must be devastating for them. 

Again I just want you to know, and many others, there are just some things that you cannot make light of.  

Please next time just think before you tweet,

(Mom to two boys and I worry constantly that they will become desensitized to the impact of violent behavior when they hear so called " throwaway" comments by somebody just wanting to test the boundaries of comedy.)


  1. Yes. I could barely string together a sentence about how I felt when I read that. When all this happened, I was just a bit younger than the girls. I remember the fear everyone had walking home from school before they caught the two of them.
    I don't get offended often but it sickens me that she actually thinks this is comedy, that to be funny she has to make comments like this. Shows unfunny she really is. You're right, it's not just a Canadian thing, it's offensive to everyone to think that rape, torture and murder could ever be in any way funny.

    1. Exactly! Still don't understand why there wasn't thousands of people upset - blows my mind

  2. How did I miss this? Yikes.

    1. I know I cannot believe there wasn't more PR about it - sorta worries me