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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Addicts Haul

For Review
Thanks Scholastic
Thanks Random House
Thanks Random House

Thanks William Morrow

From Chapters Shawnessy (To Help Jake - cuz I sure as hell don't understand it)

From Chapters Shawnessy (The blanket is sooo comfy)

Book Pimp Deliveries 
Thanks Jen and Terry - best signed books EVER!
Thanks Jen - cannot wait to read


  1. Oh Chapters has their blankets again? I will have to go and get a new one since I am always loosing my other one :) Great books enjoy

  2. Oh, your book display boy is just adorable - can I find him at Chapter's too?? Heh - give him a cuddle for me. I may have some kids books winging their way to you soon- will keep you posted
    ~ Book Pimp Jenn

    1. ROFL - yeah and you get bonus plum rewards too when you get him ; )

      Will give him a cuddle in the morning - have to work till 1o:30 tonight at the mother ship. Miss you and see you soon (Just entered a contest from shaw for a trip to TO - cross your fingers that I win)

  3. Hey Cindy - it is soooo comfy, warm & even better machine washable!!!