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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Nation Worth Ranting About by Rick Mercer

A Nation Worth Ranting About 
by Rick Mercer
Random House
ISBN: 9780385676809
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Description: An all-new collection of furiously funny rants from the most recent seasons of the Rick Mercer Report plus three brilliantly written, previously unpublished pieces by Rick. Illustrated throughout with photos and snatches of dialogue from Rick's encounters and exploits across Canada.
Within these pages you'll find every rant that Rick has so brilliantly and blisteringly delivered since the publication of his previous bestseller, Rick Mercer Report: The Book. Together these rants form a chronicle of human folly, mostly featuring politicians, of course, but with honorable mentions going to people who don't know how to use escalators and Canadian drivers who don't think they need snow tires.

Is Mercer getting better or are the fools among us getting worse? Whatever the inspiration-Rick Mercer's ranting has never been stronger or more on target.

There is a loud, cathartic laugh to be found on almost every page here-with the exception of Rick's impassioned rant on bullying in schools, words that touched thousands of Canadians, went viral and helped widen the debate on a major problem. Also reprinted here is the rant encouraging students to vote, which resulted directly in a campus ballot and outrage in Ottawa.  (People still are still standing on the left on escalators, and the prime minister is still very much the man he was, but you can't win them all.)

In addition, Rick has authored three new essays specially for this book: the hilarious behind-the-scenes story of his meeting with Rick Hansen, a hero who absolutely was not a disappointment in real life; a heartfelt reflection on public reaction to his bullying rant; and an account of his response-mystified, followed by delighted-to the news that he'd inspired a "vote mob."

Illustrated throughout with photographs and dialogue from Rick's travels across Canada, A Nation Worth Ranting About will make you proud, will make you think, will make you almost as angry as Rick, and over and over again will make you laugh out loud.

The Good Stuff
  • The chapter on Rich Hanson is worth the price of the book alone
  • Self-deprecating, honest and extremely wise
  • Makes me want to go and vote 
  • Was constantly laughing, nodding my head in agreement and on quite a few occasions there may have been snorting laughter (sorry Chapters co-workers in lunch room that day)
  • loved it so much I made it my staff pick at work
  • The chapter on proper escalator and elevator etiquette should be a must read for anyone over the age of 5 (Hmm wonder if he could writer a chapter on proper uses of hole punches and staplers for kids in College and University)
  • No one is safe from his rants but they are never meant to harm 
  • His love of Canada - warts and all - is so very apparent
  • He is willing to try anything
  • Very touching and open for a man who likes to guard his private life & the reason why he opened up is heart breaking (As I mentioned on many, many occasions some people are straight and some people are gay -- get over it - it is none of your business)
  • As a Canadian it is your duty to read this -get thee to your local Chapters/Indigo (and tell them JR from Shawnessy sent you - LOL!) as fast as you can - you will not be disappointed
 The Not So Good Stuff
  • Wanted it to be longer
  • Do you know how incredibly hard it is to only pick 3 quotes from this
 Favorite Quotes/Passages 

"I pledged then and there that someday, come hell or high water, I would be a member of that program - I too would be an astronaut. When I proudly announced my ambition to the class, Miss Barnes said, "Not with your math marks, buster," and my dream fell to earth." A greater man than I would have ignored those comments, studied hard, excelled at mathematics and science and made it into the space program, but I am not that kind of man. More likely, I spotted something shiny and became distracted."

"This is what I want to know. How can a guy be smart enough to have a job that lets him drive a $59,000 car and be stupid enough to say he doesn't need snow tires when he's standing next to his Audi that's wrapped around a pole? This is Canada. There's no such thing as all-season tires, just like there's no such thing as all-season footwear."

"Being a political junkie in this country is a bit like being a diehard Leafs fan. Year in and year out, they believe they will witness magnificence and magic, and year in and year out, they witness the opposite. But still they continue to show up, cheer, pay through the nose for a hot dog and leave in tears."

"So if you're gay and you're in public life, I'm sorry you don't have to run around with a pride flag and bore the hell out of everyone, but you can't be invisible either. Not anymore. Three hundred kids is three hundred too many." (in regards to in Canada 300 kids take their own life each year)

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
  •  Every Canadian (even those who have no knowledge or interest in politics)
  • Americans - from this they will get to know us a little better
4.95/5 Dewey's

I received this from Random House in exchange for an honest review

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