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Monday, August 27, 2012

Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time by James Dashner

Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time
by James Dashner
ISBN: 978-0-545-38696-8
Suggested Ages: 8+
Publication Date: August 28, 2012
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Description: Scholastic's next multi-platform mega-event begins here! History is broken, and three kids must travel back in time to set it right!

When best friends Dak Smyth and Sera Froste stumble upon the secret of time travel -- a hand-held device known as the Infinity Ring -- they're swept up in a centuries-long secret war for the fate of mankind. Recruited by the Hystorians, a secret society that dates back to Aristotle, the kids learn that history has gone disastrously off course.Now it's up to Dak, Sera, and teenage Hystorian-in-training Riq to travel back in time to fix the Great Breaks . . . and to save Dak's missing parents while they're at it. First stop: Spain, 1492, where a sailor named Christopher Columbus is about to be thrown overboard in a deadly mutiny

The Good Stuff
  • Wonderful adventure book for middle school kids 
  • Love the online component to this as it encourages kids to read, learn and have fun
  • Love Dashner's writing style, such a talented storyteller
  • Creative world building
  • Lots of dry humour
  • Characters are well developed and intriguing (And total nerds, how cool is that!)
  • Heads up Library & Bookstore staff -- this will be a big seller
  • Fast paced and exciting
  • Kids will love that they are the ones that are going to save the world (Take that you dumb ass adults LOL)
  • Actually many of the adult characters are helpful and intelligent - nice to see in a middle school book
The Not So Good Stuff
  • As an adult reader, its a tad predictable and the writing is more simplistic -- not a bad thing, but its a book that will appeal more to the intended audience rather than the older reader (hope that makes sense)
  • Not the biggest fan of series written by more than one author - but hey I will read all of Dashner's books no matter and the authors that are taking part are all gifted - so will keep reading
  • Time travel books make my head hurt LOL!
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"The world was falling apart and the people in charge of things didn't seem to care. But Dak decided not to let little stuff like that bother him now."

"People still believe what the SQ tells them to believe. Because fear is always more powerful than truth."

"The teenager seemed to have lost some of his arrogance from before. Nothing like an invasion from an evil red-haired lady to shake you up a bit, Dak mused."

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
  • Fabulous for the reluctant readers
  • Excellent book for discussing history in a fun way
  • Never read the 39 Clues series, but I imagine if you liked them, this will be up your alley
  • Good for a classroom read
4 Dewey's

I Picked up a copy of this at Book Expo America 2012 (Plus I got to meet him and he was so much fun, didn't get a chance to get my book signed though : (


  1. Time travel books make my head hurt too! I'm still excited to read this one, though :D

    1. Yup its cute - you will enjoy - so much fun