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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day in the Life & Blogoversary Contest

Picture by Sara Hamil 
Jeremy Cammy

Job Title: Executive Producer, Events & Music – Indigo
Education/Work Experience: Graduated university but went back to school (college) and received a Certificate in Corporate Communications. Worked in PR for  both agency & corporate and was lucky enough to  approach Indigo and work as a Marketing Manager for one store (only 4 Indigo stores existed at the time).  From that one store it progressed to a series of stores as a Regional Marketing Manager, followed by the entire country as National Marketing Manager, Director Event Marketing – finally – Executive Producer.

What’s a “Typical” day like for you?
Typical isn’t in my vocabulary. No two days are alike. Working with both internal and external stakeholders my day includes meetings with publishers, conference calls, on-site event walkthroughs, developing new thematic for cross country events, programming the in-store music play-list, tweeting, and of course – lots of laughing. Laughing is key.

Have you ever “geeked” out over a celebrity/author
I don’t have time to geek out. I’m concerned mostly for the customers and our employees – ensuring they have a great experience. Though it was surreal standing in the Green Room with President Clinton, Leonard Cohen, and Andre Agassi (but not at the same time)

What was your favourite author/celebrity even that you have hosted so far?
So many. Each event is unique – but having Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) give me a kiss – that’s just dreamy.

What Author/Celebrity would you like to book for an event?
I get asked time and time again. I defer to all the customers to answer that question – and most have said J.K. Rowling

What One book would you bring if you were stuck on a desert Island?
If I can bring a Kobo it can store 1,000 books

What have you learned never to do again, when hosting an event?
Never assume. Don’t be too sure of yourself. Every event is a learning opportunity.

If you could be one Joss Whedon character, which one would you be and why? 
Meaning  Buffy? Probably a vampire. Would be fun to get stabbed by Sarah Michelle Gellar. But only if I lived.

IF you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
Easy. Fly.  Two words: Toronto traffic

Cats or Dogs  - Why?
Dogs. Cats are smarter than me.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
I think the real question is – who would I like to see play my love interest. I think too many celebrities would line up for that role. A bidding war.

Thank you so much for being my first ---- Day in the Life victim Captain Awesome.  In celebration of this new series and to celebrate my 2 year Anniversary of being a book blogger, I have decided to loosen the purse strings (I'm cheap!)  and host a contest to thank you all for coming by to visit and to make comments.  Since I had the extreme good fortune to attend a Indigo Tweet Up a couple of weeks ago of Hugo I have decided to offer up a special Hugo related prize pack. There will also be a secondary Hunger Games prize pack since I am seriously excited to see the movie (please don't suck like the Twilight series did) and as well since I LOVE the Lorax their will also be a 3rd prize of a copy of The Lorax by Dr Seuss.  

Blogoversary Contest

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Prize Pack #3: The Lorax by Dr Seuss

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  1. Amazing contest Jen! And great behind-the-scenes details with Captain Awesome! I've always wondered what he was like in real life!

  2. Thanks Lisa! He is very charming and funny & quite the smart ass which is something I always appreciate in a person

  3. Great interview!! I LOVED learning more about Cammy!!

  4. You've only been doing this for 2 years?! Seems like I;ve been reading your blog longer. I love the new feature and look forward to reading about interesting people and their cool jobs. I'd like to stand in a room with Bill Clinton!

    1. It was definitely surreal being so up and close to him - Thanks for the nice comments too : )

  5. Love the interview. Love the "Bonus entries" comment too..."long time sufferers" made me laugh. :D

  6. Great interview! LOL! I love that he's still promoting Indigo products (Kobo..) hehe.. love it :D

    Great pic too! :)


    1. Fun and professional - Indigo needs to give that boy a huge raise!