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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Luma and O&B Cateen

Luma and O&B Canteen

Last year during the fabulous first ever Indigo Tweet Up,  Captain Awesome (aka Jeremy Cammy)  introduced me to a fabulous restaurant called Luma located in the TIFF light box.

Indigo Tweetup Crew (and Chef Jason)

Ever since that wonderful night each time I have to go into the city for dinner/lunch I head to either Luma or O&B Canteen to eat. Nowhere else is good enough anymore - I have been spoiled for life, once you have had perfection, nothing else will do.

Picture from O&B website
Chef Jason Bangerter and his fantabulous crew can always be counted on for a truly unique and delicious meal.   Brussel sprouts or liver - which to me are the most foulest things alive - I would eat if Chef Jason made them -- That is how good he is .They also have an incredible selections of wines and the staff are extremely knowledgeable with their wine pairings. The last time we were there a couple of weeks ago our server suggested a wine  -- and we hit the LCBO the very next day to buy some.

Info about Luma
Info about O&B Canteen

If I was more talented with words I would write a poem to the most fantastic thing I have ever eaten which was this seafood sausage (that had scallop, crab, cream, fine herbs, S&P and was wrapped in caul fat and sauteed in butter)  but an ode to Chef Jason's sausage, just wouldn't sound right

Here are some pics of the fabulous food and some of my recommendations

Beef Burger (Sauteed Mushrooms, Caramalized Onions with Parmesean Frites)

Cream of Mushroom Soup (It's to die for!)

Beet Root Salad with Greek Yogurt and Savory Granola (Yes Beets and they are frickin awesome!)
Bread Pudding - mmm want again

The Famous Willy Wonka (Caramalized Banana, Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Valrhona Chocolate & Chocolate Pop Rocks)
Highly Recommended at Luma

Marc Bredif Vouvray, Loire Valley, FR (White Wine)
Fattoria Castellina, Chianti Montalbano, IT (Red)
Quinta de Ventozelo, Douro, PT (Red)
Scallop Sashimi (Appetizer)
Lamb Sirloin (Main)
Steak Frites

Highly Recommended at O&B Canteen

Beef Tartare
Seared Scallops
Beet Root Salad
Salmon Frites
Chocolate Brownie

So do yourself a favor if you are in Toronto and need some good food -- Check them out

Reservations for Luma
Reservations for O&B Canteen

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