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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Red Means Run by Brad Smith

Red Means Run
by Brad Smith
Scribner (Simon and Schuster)
ISBN: 9781451673999
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Publication Date: January 10, 2012

Description: Mickey Dupree is one of the most successful criminal attorneys in upstate New York, having never lost a capital murder case. That is the upside of being Mickey. The downside—Mickey has a lot of enemies and one of them drives the shaft of a golf club through his heart, leaving him dead in a sand trap at his exclusive country club.

The cops, led by a dimwitted detective named Joe Brady, focus their attentions on Virgil Cain. Just two weeks earlier Virgil told a crowded bar that "somebody ought to blow Mickey's head off," after the slippery lawyer earned an acquittal for Alan Comstock, the man accused of murdering Virgil's wife. Comstock, a legendary record producer, gun nut, and certifiable lunatic, has returned to his estate, where he lives with his wife, the long-suffering Jane.

It appears to Virgil that the fix is in when Brady immediately throws him into jail with no questions asked. In order to set things right, Virgil escapes from jail, determined to find Mickey's killer himself. Aside from a smart and sexy detective named Claire Marchand, everybody is convinced that Virgil is the culprit. When Alan Comstock is discovered with six slugs in his body the day after Virgil's escape, his guilt is almost assured. Now it is up to Virgil to convince everyone of his innocence—by finding the killer before he winds up being the next victim

The Good Stuff
  • Canadian author & not at all depressing (Yes I know I have an ``issue``)
  • Dialogue is hilarious at times
  • Lots of plot twists and turns that keep you guessing on whodunit -- I swore it was one person and it ended up being someone else
  • Interesting secondary characters
  • Claire reminds me of Beckett from the TV show Castle
  • Love how Claire and Virgil's  back-stories are given in bits and pieces here and there - gives it a realistic feel
  • Suzanne was a fun character - enjoyed her frank way of speaking
  • Enjoyed some of the thinly veiled pot shots at dumb American cops
  • Perfect read for a cold winters night
The Not So Good Stuff
  • a little slow at times, but mostly because it is giving you a lot of background on Virgil for further books
  • Title sucks & cover is sort of lame (sorry have to be honest)
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"She considered not calling Joe Brady for a while. Presumably he and the dogs were still on the trail, stumbling around in the thick woods east of the Hudson. Maybe Joe would bump his head on a tree limb and smarten up a little. In the ends, she did call him, out of respect for Patterson and thew SWAT guys. The dogs too."

"The Mounties will get him," Joe said. "He`s one of theirs."
 "Yeah" Claire said.  "They probably have some special insight on how a Canadian thinks."

 "I`m heading up into Canada," he told her.  "To talk to the Mounties."
He made the announcement as if he were Meriwether Lewis and Canada was the great unknown expanse west of the Mississippi. "

Who Should /Shouldn't Read
  • Mystery fans will enjoy
  • Perfect for fans of Lehane and Deaver
4 Dewey`s

I received this from Simon and Schuster in Exchange for an Honest Review

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