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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Red Leech (Young Sherlock Holmes #2) by Andrew Lane

Red Leech (Young Sherlock Holmes #2)
by Andrew Lane
Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 978-0-330-51199-5
Suggested Ages:10+ (caution: a wee bit scary and violent at times -- nothing horrific but a heads up for sensitive readers)
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Description: Sherlock knows that Amyus Crow, his mysterious American tutor, has some dark secrets. But he didn't expect to find a notorious killer, hanged by the US government, apparently alive and well in Surrey - and Crow somehow mixed up in it. When no one will tell you the truth, sometimes you have to risk all to discover it for yourself. And so begins an adventure that will take Sherlock across the ocean to America, to the centre of a deadly web - where life and death are cheap, and truth has a price no sane person would pay...

The Good Stuff
  • This is my favorite so far of the series
  • Fast paced and exciting with plenty of action and suspense
  • Interesting storyline with a truly unique and  unusual  villain
  • Good amount of humour to lighten up the darker moments
  • Some snippets of interesting historical information immersed within the story  - as ususal with Lane done in a subtle and fascinating manor that the little buggers won't even realize they are learning something (ok, who's kidding who, I learned some stuff too)
  • Once again you can really see how Lane's Holmes could develop into Doyle's Holmes
  • Written so both boys and girls will enjoy - there is a hint of romance for the girls but not in such a mushy way that will turn off the male readers
  • Love the friendship between Matty and Holmes
  • Holmes emotions are very true of your normal 15 yr old boy even one as brilliant as Sherlock
  • Mentions Canada - yes I know we Canadian's have issues  - we feel left out all the time 
  • Some nice moral questions to ponder
  • Will be keeping this series for Jake to read in a year or two
  • Really makes me want to read more Sherlock Holmes stories -- January has definitely been Sherlock Holmes month so far -- 2 Young Sherlock novels and we also went to see Sherlock  Homes: Game of Shadows in the theatre (bloody brilliant movie -- get thee to a movie theatre right away for this one - Downey is marvelous)
  • Learned about the history of sailor's and tattoos -- makes total sense now
The Not So Good Stuff
  • Come on give me more on Eglantine -- I need to know what is the deal with that sneaky nasty women
  • Nasty Leeches -- ick!
  • Did I mention the leeches - gave me the heebie jeebies LOL!
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"I swear there's a nursery aspect to British eating habits that no country has. Steamed puddings, jam sandwiches-with the crusts cut off, of course - and vegetables, boiled so long they're just flavored mush. Food you don't need teeth to eat."
Sherlock felt a stab of annoyance. "So what's so great about American food?" he asked, shifting his position on the dry stone wall he was sitting on..."
"Steaks," Crowe said simply."

"A man has the right to make his own decisions, based on a higher moral code.' He grimaced inadvertently. ' I find slavery .... distasteful. I don't believe that one man is inferior to another man because of the colour of his skin.  I may think that other things make a man inferior, includin' his ability to think rationally, but not somethin' as arbitrary as the colour of his skin."

"He couldn't help smiling. That complete honesty was one of the things he liked most about Virginia. No English girl would have dreamed about discussing matter of the stomach like taht."

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
  • Good for both male and female readers
  • Some of it is a bit dark and violent so sensitive YA/middle school readers might want to avoid
  • Adults will enjoy reading as well
4.75 Dewey's

I received this from HarperCollins in Exchange for an Honest Review

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