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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Graveminder by Melissa Marr

by Melissa Marr
William Morrow (HarperCollins)
ISBN: 978-0-06-211516-4
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Suggested Age: 14+ (Not in YA section of bookstore)
Release Date: January 17, 2012

Description: Three sips to mind the dead . . . Rebekkah Barrow never forgot the attention her grandmother Maylene bestowed upon the dead of Claysville, the small town where Bek spent her adolescence. There wasn't a funeral that Maylene didn't attend, and at each one Rebekkah watched as Maylene performed the same unusual ritual: She took three sips from a silver flask and spoke the words "Sleep well, and stay where I put you."

Now Maylene is dead, and Bek must go back to the place she left a decade earlier. She soon discovers that Claysville is not just the sleepy town she remembers, and that Maylene had good reason for her odd traditions. It turns out that in Claysville the worlds of the living and the dead are dangerously connected; beneath the town lies a shadowy, lawless land ruled by the enigmatic Charles, aka Mr. D. If the dead are not properly cared for, they will come back to satiate themselves with food, drink, and stories from the land of the living. Only the Graveminder, by tradition a Barrow woman, and her Undertaker—in this case Byron Montgomery, with whom Bek shares a complicated past—can set things right once the dead begin to walk.

Although she is still grieving for Maylene, Rebekkah will soon find that she has more than a funeral to attend to in Claysville, and that what awaits her may be far worse: dark secrets, a centuries-old bargain, a romance that still haunts her, and a frightening new responsibility—to stop a monster and put the dead to rest where they belong.

The Good Stuff
  • Truly unique idea for a story
  • Rebekkah is an intriguing and realistic heroine  
  • Dark with a wonderful almost Gothic like feel to it
  • Descriptions are vivid and make you feel like you are part of the landscape
  • Fabulous in terms of character development
  • Lots of twists and turns which keeps you guessing (but not in a frustrating way)
  • Could not put the book down, I warn you once you start you will not be able to put down -- well unless its really late at night
  • Marr has created a fantastical world unlike anything I have ever read before - and it actually feels like a real place
  • Very suspenseful at times -- you will be holding your breath 
  • Enjoyed the secondary characters - especially Amity 
  • Fabulous ending - could lead to a sequel, but if not still leaves you satisfied 
  • Some nice humour added to keep it from being too dark
The Not So Good Stuff
  • The cover sucks in comparison to the hardcover edition
  • The angst between Bek and Byron felt more YA than adult
 Favorite Quotes/Passages

"At the end of the tunnel, she gasped.  The colors she could see were so vibrant that it almost hurt to look around her. The sky was streaked in violet and gold. The buildings around her were breathtaking.  Even the drabbest of them was cloaked in shades of colors that surely couldn't exist."

"He was tempting in the way that she imagined the devil himself-if there was such a man-would be: polished charm, wicked smiles, and easy arrogance. However, she wasn't sure what game he was playing, and the idea of looking at at dead man with any sort of lustful thoughts seemed inherently twisted."

"Sheer foolishness, if you ask me,but" - Elaine gave Rebekkah a look that would make most people flinch -"no one's asking me, are they?"
"No," Rebekkah said. "I don't think anyone's asking."
Elaine sighed. "Well, sooner or later, one of you will be bright enough to ask my opinion."

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
  • YA friendly - nothing too violent or sexual
  • If you like creepy stories, this is for you
  • Adult readers may be disappointed by all the angst
4.75 Dewey's

I received this from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review


  1. Wonderful review. I now want to read this book.

  2. Sounds truly creepy--very atmospheric. I shivered just reading the words "stay where I put you." Brrrr!

  3. Thanks Dawn -- its fab, hope you enjoy
    Cath - yup very creepy - don't read it late at night trust me : )