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Friday, January 6, 2012

Chef Jeff Review and CONTEST: Everyday Food Light from The Kitchens of Martha Stewart Living

Everyday Food Light
from The Kitchens of Martha Stewart Living
Clarkson Potter (Random House)
ISBN: 978-0-307-71809-9
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Description: Cook what you want to eat, without all the fat.The editors of Everyday Food magazine know that it’s not enough to get dinner on the table in a snap—it also has to be good for the whole family. Everyday Food: Light features delicious, healthful recipes, all under 500 calories. Organized seasonally so you can take advantage of the freshest ingredients, this book shows you how to quickly make your favorite dishes in a way that’s light but nonetheless tempting.

Making simple adjustments to your weeknight arsenal is easy with the step-by-step instructions on cooking techniques (like stir-frying and roasting), kitchen tools to help cut down on calories (such as a steamer basket and a citrus zester), and great low- or no-fat flavor boosters (marinades, herbs, and spices). And each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful color photograph and nutritional information to keep you motivated all week long.

Tips throughout explain what makes these recipes light, whether by using simple substitutions (such as whole-wheat tortillas instead of pizza crust), smart ways to cut back on fat (topping fish with bread crumbs rather than coating it in batter), or healthy cooking methods (baking onion rings instead of frying them). You’ll also find prep and cook times for each recipe, and plenty of one-pot meals that make great weeknight dinners for the whole family. Staying on track for a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean relying on gimmicky diets or eating flavorless meals. With Everyday Food: Light, cooking fulfilling and tasty dinners has never been easier or more inspiring.

The Good Stuff
  • Good layout and organization of recipes
  • Good variety of recipes
  • Wife says the index is bloody wonderful - but this would only be important to seriously anal library workers & nerds (Jen's note - nice eh, if he didn't cook as well as he did I might have to kick him to the curb for that)
  • Recipes have simple easy to understand instructions, not too much prep time and most of the ingredients are readily available even here in the boonies
  • The introduction to all of the light cooking methods and ways of making all of your meals lighter is extremely helpful
  • Each recipe explain what makes it light and many have tips and tricks as well
  • Nice to have the nutritional info listed on each recipe
  • Each recipe has a picture -- which the wife really likes
  • Unique way of organizing recipes by season - never seen before and really liked this
  • the whole cookbook has a nice bright light laid back look which was a nice surprise as this is done by Martha Stewart (Jen's note: hubby has "issues' with Martha Stewart)
The Not so Good Stuff
  • Recipes are a wee bit slanted to american type recipes -- not a big deal but if you are Canadian you will see what I mean (not an insult in any way - just an observation on choice of ingredients)
  • The One Pot Chicken and Brown Rice dish just looks plain nasty (this is Jake's part of the review) and grits -- really (Jen's Note: we don't get the fascination with grits here in Ontario -- but than again we've been known to eat some weird dishes so really should just shut my mouth)
  • Not a lot of kid friendly recipes if you know what I mean
Favorite Recipes
  • Roasted Shrimp with Spaghetti Squash - Pg 345
  • Light Chicken Parmesean - Pg 67 
  • Sweet Potato and Chipolte Soup - Pg 48
  • Cilanto Lime Rice - Pg 178
  • Lacy Almond-Orange Cookies - Pg 194
  • Light Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Pg 112 (will post pics later)
Who Should/Shouldn't Use
  • Best suited for beginner to intermediate cooks
  • Perfect for my wife who always has a hard time digesting fattier/rich foods (Jen's Note: Thanks for telling everyone hubby)
  • Great cookbook for those wanting to change their diet
  • Not really good for the more experienced advanced cook
4.5 Dewey's

I received this from Random House in Exchange for an Honest Review


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  1. Awesome review guys! The pineapple upside down cake was delish!!

  2. Thanks Tasha, glad you guys enjoyed -- will try to remember to bring in the recipe book for you this week

  3. I love that you were able to test this one! I have a few Martha cookbooks that I really like so will put this on my to-be-bought list for sure!

  4. Hey Lisa

    You can always just borrow my copy -- we can spare for a while, as we have TONS of cookbooks