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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vanity Fair : Mini Book Review

Vanity Fair
by William Makepeace Thackeray
First Published 1848

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Description: Two young women, Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley, leave Miss Pinkerton's Academy together. They are friends, yet the witty and flirtatious Becky looks set to outdo the passive, sweet-natured Amelia with her ruthless determination to grab what she can in life. And so all kinds of battles and fortunes are won and lost against a backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. Thackeray's satire and corruption at every level of English society is rightly subtitled 'a novel without a hero', since none of its characters have improved themselves by the end. However, it was a success from its first appearance in 1847 and remains one of the greatest comic novels.

Mini Book Review:  This was a truly fascinating but at time extremely boring piece of literature. At times I was laughing aloud at the biting  and witty commentary about early 19th century Britain and the absurdity of the upper class society.  But I found that as soon as I was enjoying it Thackery would go off on some side story that really could have been left out and quite frankly bored this simple girl to tears.  I struggled less with the language in this classic as it wasn't as flowery or overly descriptive as in many pieces of literature during this period in history.   I did have to put it down quite frequently as Thackery gives a very dark portrayal of human nature and  I have a more hopeful positive nature and it was making me sorta depressed.  The characters are very richly drawn, but they are extremely flawed and I felt no real attachment to them. I know that this is the point of the book, but I have to feel something for the characters in the story to truly enjoy.  I was either disgusted with how horrific the characters were (Becky & Jos) or disgusted by how wussy other characters were (Amelia & Dobbin). As a social commentary this is brilliant and for those obviously more intellectual than I am you will enjoy. However, I am a far more simple girl and I prefer a good story that I can lose myself in.

3 Dewey's (as usual this is based on  my enjoyment and not on the quality of the writing)

I read this as part of the BBC Top 100 Books Challenge & it came preloaded onto my Kobo

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