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Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Old Lady Recipes by Meg Favreau

Little Old Lady Recipes: Comfort Food and Kitchen Table Wisdom
by Meg Favreau
Photographs by Michael Reali
Quirk Books (Random House)
ISBN: 978-1-59474-518-8
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Description: Little Old Lady Recipes honors the extraordinary women who create potluck dinners, church socials, and the best desserts you’ve ever tasted. Every page features their simple, no-frills recipes for pot roast, meat loaf, dumplings, corn bread, fried chicken, bundt cake, and other old-time favorites—along with gorgeous photography of the chefs and generous portions of kitchen table wisdom. (“Butter comes from a cow. Tell me where the heck margarine comes from, and then maybe I’ll eat it!”) So ditch the food processor, stop wasting money on overpriced organic frozen dinners, and start enjoying the classic dishes that our aunties and grandmothers have made for generations!

The Good Stuff
  • Delightful to read through, wise and oh so funny
  • Good variety of recipes
  • Easy to make recipes with ingredients you usually always have
  • Pictures are a nice and quirky added touch
  • Great comfort food recipes - simple and filling
  • Tons of quick to make recipes - perfect for last minute dinners
  • Recipes don't use expensive hard to find ingredients
  • Good basic recipes for Sugar Cookies, Pie-crust and Icing - these are basics that everyone should know how to make (or have a husband who makes the pie-crust because stunning Librarian wife sucks at it)
The Not So Good Stuff
  • Recipes don't give enough directions and often have missing steps (Maybe a companion book on basic cooking techniques would be good)
  • Lot of recipes using lard which in my opinion does nothing for most recipes
Favorite Recipes

Prune Bread - Seriously it tastes good and simple to make (Trust me add a few choc chips & your kids will mow it down)
Chili Con Carne - Easy to make, healthy and hearty
Bread Pudding - my favorite Dessert

Great little tips and words of wisdom like the following throughout the book

“Always wear clean underwear in case you are in a car accident.” – Mary,housewife, 72
“ Smile pretty in case an available man is looking.” –Frieda,secretary,87

“There isn’t much a good cake won’t fix.” – Carmeline, librarian, 85

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
  • Fun for everyone except the most jaded chef
  • Perfect present for a first time homeowner
3.5 Dewey's

I received this from Random House in Exchange for an Honest Review

Recipe Pictures

Cornbread - Looks pretty tasted blah!!
Surprisingly Yummy Prune Bread (totally added choc chips so kids would try it)
Chili Con Carne (Simple and tastes delish)

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