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Friday, October 28, 2011

Indigo Fall and Holiday Launch

I recently had the honour of being invited to TWO separate  product launches at the Indigo head office. This is the first (and well now 2nd) time that Indigo had invited rewards members to preview their new lifestyle products before the general public. Usually this sort of event is reserved only to media and employees.  What a brilliant marketing idea guys, you have guaranteed yourself a customer for life.  I have also purchased many of the items that were previewed that night and I am quite sure many of the others that attended have as well.

Both events were wonderfully organized with the room set up so we could take a leisurely stroll in the strategically and beautifully set up room.  Items were placed in a way that you could see how easily they could fit into or enhance your home or office.

Fall Preview

I attended this preview with my pal and fellow Library worker Jenn Hubbs.  By happy coincidence I also ran into fellow #indigoTweets pals Zoe, Evil Andie and Sarah Prince.  We had a wonderful time sampling the delicious food from Chef Michael Smith's cookbook, some to die for Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, scrumptious homemade marsh-mellows & fudge that melted in your mouth.  All the while chatting with fellow Indigo Rewards members about the products and learning a little about them from Indigo employees. It was nicely done with no heavy push to sell you the items, just giving you some background info on the items and letting you explore and experience them all.  I also was extremely lucky to win one of the 10 Kobo Touch's they were giving away (Can I tell you now how much I love it and how fast it is compared to the old Kobo I had).  We were also given a very generous gift bag at the end of the night with a book, notebook, gift card and few other items (See picture below). Really had a fantastic evening and it was much appreciated as I was dealing with the stress of impending strike.  Only complaints were that it was really hot in the room with all the people and the cooking going on

Sorry about the horrible pictures for this one

To DIE FOR balsamic vinegar

WANT this globe

Andie and Suzie (Still dying to try Buca restaurant she recommended)


Librarian Jenn
Winnings and Gift Bag
Fun with Andie

Holiday Preview

This product preview event was spectacular as well. This time I attended with my pal Natasha and once again ran into some of my fellow IndigoTweets pals Evil Andie and Leora. Also ran into Liam and Nicole from Twitter.  The room was set up very similarly but done with a holiday season theme.  Stockings were hung with stuffer ideas and there was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree (with new products from the lifestyle collection) with plenty of Christmas present ideas under it. The food was from Mark McEwan's cookbook Fabbrica and McEwan himself was cooking (with assistants) and he was even serving it himself --  GASP!  The Spicy Octopus with chickpeas was incredible (didn't like how it was served - as it was difficult to eat without looking stupid) and the canapes were scrumptious!  Also chowed down on these delicious Maple Sugar cookies that Indigo will be selling (Bought some last night btw!)

Mark McEwan, Heather Reisman and Neil Pasricha each gave separate little speeches and talked about some of their favorite products. Neil also talked about how he came to write the books and some very funny stories. Really had no interest in reading The Book of Awesome before but after meeting him I will be picking up all the Awesome books.  Much to Natasha's disgust (LOL!) I won a prize again, this time The  Book of Holiday Awesome (Which I got signed for Auntie Sheila for Christmas) and Anna Olson's Back to Baking cookbook (giving to Auntie Holly for her birthday) . As we were leaving we once again got a fabulous gift bag with a copy of The Dovekeepers (got it signed for my sister Tracy at Hoffman signing the other night), a Indigo gift card and the truly adorable Porcupine from A Porcupine in a Pine Tree.  Another fabulous experience from Indigo all because I am a rewards member - think you should all sign up now, don't you think!
Mark and his staff hard at work
One of my fav people Evil Andie (and the delectable marshmallows)
Checking out all the products

Mark McEwan
Heather talking about her Heather's Picks

Everybody's favorite Porcupine (From Helaine Becker's A Porcupine in a Pine Tree)
Jen's Picks - I'm putting them on my Christmas  List (Adore the USB)

Will be picking these up for my 3 brother in laws

Isn't it adorable -- nicer than my kitchen (Espreso Kitchen)
Beavertail Pancake Kit -- guess what's going in Jeff's Stocking!
Winnings and Gift Bag
Loved this!


  1. It was a fabulous event and nice actually getting to see, feel, touch and taste some of the new products (Great blog btw, started following today)