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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and Contest

Happy Halloween Everyone

I love  Halloween! I love it even more than Christmas.  I always dress up -- even at work.  My mom was a huge Halloween addict too. She always went crazy decorating the house, buying lots of treats and making us the coolest Halloween Costumes.  I miss her so much on this day so in her honour I am doing a quick contest - details to follow at end of post

Favorite "Scary" Movies
Evil Dead
Evil Dead 2
Army of Darkness
Nightmare on Elm Street
When a Stranger Calls (This one freaks me out!)
The Sixth Sense
Poltergeist (Hate the part with the clown doll though)
Young Frankenstein
Slither (Nathan Fillion)

Favorite Scary Books

The Stand - Stephen King
Dracula - Bram Stoker
Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury
It  - Stephen King
Bag of Bones - Stephen King
The Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King
Misery- Stephen King
Watchers - Dean Koontz
Strangers - Dean Koontz
Carrie - Stephen King
Lost Souls - Poppy Z Brite
The Night Inside - Nancy Baker

Favorite Halloween Songs

Bloodletting - Concrete Blond
Moon Over Bourbon Street - Sting
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Some Halloween Pics

GRETA Buy More Employee (From TV show Chuck)
Jesse as Captain Hammer

Me and Natasha - Super Librarian and Dewey Defender

Old School and New School Nerds (Star Wars and Star Trek)

Jake 2009
Jake 2010

Got lazy last year and wore Super Librarian again

Contest Details

Post in comments or Tweet (to mountie9) me your favorite Halloween Memory
Contest Ends: The Witching Hour on Halloween (Tonight at Midnight)
Prize: Book around $10 from The Book Depository
Internationally (As Long as Book Depository Sends to your Country)


  1. Aww I love the pics of the kiddies, they look so serious in their costumes!

    This isn't a really a halloween memory perse, but my brother's birthday is October 25 and when he was younger he would have halloween themed birthdays and I love halloween so I was in charge of decorating. I found spooky music, awesome decorations, small spiders to hide. It was so much fun and that's always what I think of when I think of halloween.

  2. Love the costumes!! =)

    I honestly have so many good Halloween memories because my Mom made me the best Halloween costumes ever. One of my favourites was when I was an "old fashioned girl" lol, like Little House on the Prairie type style. I had the dress, apron, round glasses, and a wig that was super long and braided. I was also a pretty awesome lion one year.

    Thanks for the giveaway =)
    asherz86 at gmail dot com

  3. My favorite Halloween memory is from the year my three sisters and I dressed up as "The Three Musketeers" and went trick or treating all over the neighborhood. We hit just about every house and got bags and bags full of candy. That year we had candy till Christmas.
    Thanks for the giveaway


  4. My favourite Halloween memory would be going trick or treating with my siblings and cousins when I was young! Loved dressing up back then and it was so much fun too, hanging out with my cousins since I didn't get to see them all that often.

    Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Halloween to all! :)


  5. Great costumes. I use to be a ballerina, and one year in a competitive jazz class we did the movie Grease". All the girls had "Pink Ladies" jackets and poodle skirts, I went out in the costume for Halloween. One of the homes I went to had a group of ladies, the woman who answered the door saw my costume and had her friends come to the door, they happened to be watching "Grease" at the same time. For my costume, I won a "Best costume" prize they had a few king size candy bars and I won one, it was a lot of fun.


  6. My favourite memory is always going to be going trick or treating with my sisters when I was little. We would run up and down the street getting candy and then going home and trading each other for one we liked.


  7. I *love* your costumes! I'm especially geeking out over the Star Trek/Star Wars photo!

    My mom always took my sis and me trick or treating in my grandparents' neighbourhood. There's this one house that always goes all out with its Halloween decorations. One year, they had a man in a coffin on the driveway, and he'd suddenly sit up and greet any kid who went trick or treating. I remember being really chicken about going up that driveway (he had a really loud, booming shout!)... Can't remember if I actually did screw up the courage to do so or if I had my mom get my candy for me.

  8. Thank you all for your great memories and for taking the time to enter. Wish you all could have been winners -- damn that not winning the lottery. Also thank you for all the nice words about the costumes -- I totally love Halloween. Keep tuned more contests coming soon