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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Signings

Veronica Roth and Lauren Oliver
Indigo Yorkdale

This was a fantastic event.  Lots of enthusiasm from the teens which is so wonderful to see.  Both of the authors were genuinely nice and tons of fun.  They also gave us all fabulous swag bags that my neighbors daughter totally geeked out over & which now sits in my office. Nice work everyone!  Sorry, cannot seem to find my pictures from the event.

Kathy Reichs
Indigo Eaton Centre

Last time I saw Kathy I was a wee bit disappointed. She seemed very preoccupied and standoffish. But this time she was animated and talked very passionately about what she does. She was also quite funny and a joy to talk with. She also totally dug my cookies (I made them in the the shape of bones and wrote Bones, Tempe, etc on them)

She loved my Bones inspired cookies (man I'm such a dork!)
Rick Riordan
Indigo Yorkdale

The Indigogreenroom and Indigo staff did an incredible job on this event. There were photo booths, Face painting, dog tags and so much more.  All of the kids got tons of swag and the DJ entertained them the whole evening.  Rick Riordon was charming and really took his time with all the kids.  I was very impressed with his enthusiasm and his perseverance (He must have signed over 1000 books and I heard he was enthusiastic right down to the very last person). There were also tons of people in costume and it was fantastic seeing all the young boys excited about an author.  Can't believe I totally forgot to take a picture of Jake in his Camp Half-Blood T-shirt I made for him. Jake now wants to go to all the author signings with me

Pic of our fav DJ (Pic is from another event)

They had face painting!
Rick talking about his Canadian character

Jenn Hubbs and Back of my adorable Jake
They even had a booth where you could get your picture on the cover of The Son of Neptune (Fun!)

John Lithgow
Indigo Eaton Centre

John Lithgow is one of my favorite actors as I always feel a sort of connection between him and my Dad.  They look very similar and both love to act over the top.  My dad took me to see The World According to Garp when I was like 12 and afterwards we talked enthusiastically about Lithgow's understated and beautiful performance as Roberta Muldoon. And ever since than I watch everything that  he is in.  He was mesmerizing in Footloose as Reverand Shaw (don't get me started on that remake with Dennis Quaid totally miscast as Shaw)  and totally brilliant in Dexter where he creep-ed the shit out of me (Did not remind me of my Dad in that performance) with his chilling portrayal of Arthur Mitchell.  He made me lmao in his portrayal of Dick Solomon on 3rd Rock from the Sun (the scenes between him and Jane Curtain were delightful) and it was nice seeing him last year on How I Met Your Mother where he has fantastic chemistry with Neil Patrick Harris.

At the event he talked about why he came to write the book and read some passages from Drama. He was charming, self deprecating and quite funny.  He than did a question and answer period where he talked enthusiastically about his love for the theatre and gave us some background info on his time on Dexter (which totally thrilled the audience)

Eventhough he was only supposed to sign Drama, he took the time to sign a copy of his children's book for my sons Jake and Jesse and also signed my very old copy of The World According to Garp.  I made him some severed finger cookies, brains in a jar and also a couple of the brain cupcakes left over from my son's birthday party.  Hopefully he got a chance to eat some of them and even more important got a laugh out of it. Thanks to Melissa for delivering them for me, didn't want to come across as a total dork when I met him.  He was quite sweet with me and took the time to listen (and even more impressive he didn't look at me with that holy shit this girl is sorta crazy look)
We were bonding (damn after looking at pic - I'm thinking face lift for myself not so bad idea after all LOL!)

Alice Hoffman
Indigo Manulife

One of my favorite books this year is The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman. I have to be honest when I first got in in the mail for review I was less than impressed. It sounded way too serious and depressing for my taste. But I was completely wrong, it is a stunningly beautiful epic novel, check out my review of it here.  I attended the event last night and it was fascinating. Reisman did a fab job (no I'm not kidding you, she actually did) during the interview and I was very impressed with how personable she came across. She even came over to me when I was waiting in line to chat.   Hoffman talked about her inspiration for the novel and about the incredible amount of research she did for the novel -- it took her 5 years to write it.  She also took some questions from the audience and than did a signing.  I also ran into the handsome and charming Cammy, which is always a pleasure.   I got there quite early and spent way too much money -- I am not to be trusted with cash in a bookstore.  Although, I did get some Christmas shopping done & bought the latest Bertrice Small book (have a copy of every book she has ever written).  All in all a wonderful evening!
Image from @indigogreenroom (Forgot my camera today)


  1. What fun book signings! Too bad we don't get such prolific authors here in Montreal.

  2. I think the John Lithgow would have been an interesting one to attend. :) Pretty sweet that you have a pic of you with him. :)

  3. Hey Laura -- I know you guys get hosed in Montreal a lot for book signings. Crossing my fingers that you get some good ones in the next coming months - I know Cammy from Indigo really tries to get signings in Quebec

    Chrystal -- he was fascinating to listen to and nice to have a reminder pic of it