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Monday, August 15, 2011

My Hollywood by Mona Simpson

My Hollywood
by Mona Simpson
Vintage Contemporaries (Random House)
ISBN: 978-0-307-47502-2

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Description: Claire, a composer and a new mother, comes to L.A. so her husband can follow his dream of writing TV comedy. Suddenly, the marriage changes, with Paul working all hours and Claire left with a baby, William, whom she adores but has no idea how to care for.

Enter Lola—a fifty-two-year-old mother of five who comes to work in America to pay for her own children’s higher education back in the Philippines. Lola stabilizes the rocky household, and soon other parents try to lure her away. What she sacrifices to stay with Claire and William remains her own closely guarded secret.

The Good Stuff
  • Characters are very realistic
  • Makes you think about the life of a Nanny
  • Very honest
  • some nice dry humor
The Not so Good Stuff
  • I disliked pretty much all of the characters.
  • Couldn't understand the decisions the characters made or have any understanding of the worlds they are from
  • Quite depressing
  • Writing style seemed to be almost fragmented, which left me lost and confused
  • Uncomfortable to read at times, as some of the thoughts the characters mention bring back my thoughts while I was suffering postpartum depression with my 1st son
  • Just wasn't my thing, I don't like to give a DNF but in this case I was tempted too, no insult to the author at all, it just wasn't the type of story I enjoy. Have a feeling though that my sister in law will love this so I will pass it on to her & add her comments to my review when she is done
  • Her characters while honest, have some unlikeable qualities and manner of speech.  For example Lola uses the term retardeds and has some racist commentary

"Was he lacking because he wouldn't take off the extra hours, or was I for not appreciating what he did in fact give. The unanswerable riddle of our marriage."

"My problem was the lack of a sister. Or Mother. One tends not to emulate the mentally ill."

"No one will bomb Hollywood. Even Muslims, they like to watch movies."

Who should/shouldn't read

  • Those with similar tastes to mine, will not enjoy
  • Those who enjoy something a little more cerebral and honest will enjoy -- yup Holly I think this one is for you
2 Dewey's (Based on MY enjoyment of the story, not on the talents of the author)

I received this from Random House in exchange for an honest review -- sorry guys, just ended up not being my thing


  1. It's hard to write a negative review for a book that was sent to you, but you laid it out nicely. I don't think this is the book for me, which is good because I really don't have time ti read it anyway ;)

  2. Thanks Stacy! Loved your comment about don't have time to read it anyways LOL!