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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokkov: Mini Book Review

by Vladimir Nabokkov

Originally published by The Olympia Press in 1955

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Description: Humbert Humbert is a European intellectual adrift in America, haunted by memories of a lost adolescent love. When he meets his ideal nymphet in the shape of 12-year-old Dolores Haze, he constructs an elaborate plot to seduce her, but first he must get rid of her mother. In spite of his diabolical wit, reality proves to be more slippery than Humbert's feverish fantasies and Lolita refuses to conform to his image of the perfect lover.

Mini Book Review: This was a constant struggle for me to get through.  I basically would read a chapter a day and that was about all I could handle.  It is extremely well written and Nabokov had a brilliant way of describing even the littlest thing so well that you could close your eyes and see it. It is also a book that can lead to some passionate discussions. That being said, I truly did not like it. The characters were reprehensible, the subject matter depressing and icky and it just went on and on.  As with most classics there is detailed character development and flowery descriptions which are not to my particular tastes. I like a good story, makes me less of an intellect I know, but I am not going to be something I am obviously not.  At least I can say I read it and can discuss it in greater detail -- but I can guarantee you I will not be reading it again.

1.5 Dewey's (Based on my enjoyment of it NOT the talents of the author)

I read this because it was part of my BBC Top 100 Challenge. I borrowed this copy from Sheridan College (Through Inter-library Loan -- Love my job). Guys one of these days I am buying you a new copy - this copy was published in 1970 -- and so was I  - and like me its old and not in the best of shape


  1. A long, long time ago (or about 15 years) my book group read this and we all liked it, BUT I can see why people don't. If I were to read this today without good girlfriend discussion I probably wouldn't like it either.

  2. It didn't help that my copy was painfully old and falling apart - plus the font was so tiny I kept getting lost -- great for a discussion though