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Sunday, August 28, 2011

In My Mailbox

For Review
Thanks Penguin

Thanks Random House will make  you some with this
From Simon and Schuster - not sure about this one guys might be a wee bit too intelligent for me


Virals & Seizure already had, but bought the other 3 as gifts
Fan Expo Canada

Will post about the Expo later this week, but here is the stuff I got free and bought
Check out the Whedon shirts I got and Thanks HarperCollins and Penguin for books and swag
My fave, going to wear this to pick up kids at sitters (she has a crush on Edward)
I wish!

All the Firefly cast on this one

Back of Browncoat t-shirt and signed Jeff Smith stuff for Jake

We ran into Lesley during a panel and she was sweet enough to sign the books we had just bough - the girl can multitask too! Will buy all her books just because I enjoy chatting with her

1 comment:

  1. Love the Fan Expo swag. I've been eyeing that Buffy shirt for ages! Never got around to getting myself one, but it totally rocks. :) And darn it, can't believe I missed the Castle poster! I think I saw some Castle books around, but didn't see any posters. :(

    Re non-Fan Expo stuff: I hear the Emperor of Maladies is really good. I think it got a rave review from the NYT... Personally of course, I prefer the Cookiepedia... ;)