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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Signings various Indigo locations

Just wanted to thank Cammy, Melissa and the rest of the Indigo crew for hosting all of these AWESOME events.  They are always tons of fun and very well organized, you should all be proud of the fantastic jobs you have done and know that you are appreciated.  Also thanks to all of the publishers, publicists, and authors for your time and effort.  You guys are my rock stars!

Maggie Stiefvater

Brought my son to this one so that he could meet Nikole from Scholastic.  Maggie was lovely and quite funny. My buddy Joan came because her daughter is a huge fan, but was in Ireland for the summer.  Joan filmed Maggie for her and Maggie was so sweet and talked to Kiera on tape.  Had a fab time as always with Terri, Jenn and Joan.  Waiting for pictures of Maggie et all from Joan

Maggie was raffling off this for 1 lucky fan
Teri and crowd

Charlaine Harris

This was my favorite signing so far this year and I owe that to Captain Awesome Cammy himself.  He got me into the greenroom and I actually got to spend a few minutes with the charming Charlaine and her assistant Paula (She sends me signed books each year for my Spina Bifida raffle).  We had a lovely conversation and Cammy took a pic for us. It was a wonderful experience and I can't thank Cammy enough for it.  Gave her some chocolate covered Pralines for Charlaine and Paula, I had tried to make them myself, but they didn't turn out.  Had fun hanging with Terri and Chrissy.

Kelley Armstrong

Forgot my camera for this one, so Joan took pictures for me -- unfortunately, I am still waiting for them. Kelley was a lot of fun and took the time to answer all of her fans questions and gave away some great swag.  She also did a reading from the Gathering and gave a little talk.  Its such a inspiring thing to see all these fabulous girls and their enthusiasm -- made me feel so young and old all at the same time. Wish these sort of things happened when I was their age, back then I had very few people around me who understood my passion for books.
Took this one with my Cell - Joan, Terri and Jenn are all in the pic

Meg Cabot

Again forgot my camera for this, so these are either Natasha's photos or the ones I took with my cell phone.  Meg was all sorts of fantastic. She did a little talk and answered questions from the crowd. She was wonderfully with each of her fans and really took the time to talk to them and was so utterly charming. One of the young girls had asked her a question and she talked to her just like a little girl would. It was so sweet.   Will definitely be buying more of Meg's books, since I had such a fabulous time and really appreciated her humour.

Love the teacup!

Veronica Roth and Lauren Oliver

This was a lot of fun too! We got there super early and just had lots of fun chatting with each other and eating the yummy treats I had brought.   The event was well organized and the talk at the beginning was interesting. The authors both took questions and they were both quite wickedly funny. I spoke to Veronica about her anxiety and if she had any suggestions that might help with my older boy.  They took the time with each of their fans and I was impressed with how generous they were.  They gave us some great swag too!

For my Spina Bifida Raffle, had them sign the Kobo

Swag Bag

Teri got to meet both of them in the greenroom
Kathy Reichs

Kathy is a fascinating and extremely busy women. She talked about some of her current and upcoming projects as well as took questions from the audience. It was a quick event, but still lots of fun.  I bought along bone shaped cookies decorated with blood red icing that she seemed to have enjoyed.

Checking out my cookies

Copies for Cindy, Colleen, My niece Tanya and 1 for the boys and for me

Here are some more pics from the signing on the Simon and Schuster Facebook page

Frankie Flowers

Couldn't make it to the signing so Melissa Mateus from Indigo took a pic for me and I love it!


  1. Oh wow! Look at all the events you made it to. I wish I lived closer so I could attend more. :) Great pics! Loved the tea cup. :)

  2. Wish some of these authors would come to Montreal!!

  3. Waht an awesome time! Love that you took along bone cookies :) Bet she loved it.

  4. She really got a kick out of them Stacy -- they tasted pretty good too

    Laura - I know Montreal gets shafted a lot in terms of author signings

    Chrystal - I know I'm pretty lucky living so close to Toronto to be able to attend - and the Tea Cup is awesome, so cute and the kids love it