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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Supernaturally(Paranormalcy #2)
by Kiersten White
ISBN: 978-0-06-198586-7
Release Date: July 26, 2011
Suggested Age: 12+ (nothing offensive)
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 Description:A lot has changed in the six months since Evie escaped from the International Paranormal Containment Agency with her shape-shifter boyfriend, Lend. She finally has the blissfully normal life she’s always dreamed of, including:

1) A real live high school
2) A perfectly ordinary after-school job
3) Her very own locker (and by the way, rusted metal is every bit as awesome as she imagined)

But Evie’s not-so-normal past keeps creeping up on her...and things get pretty complicated when you factor in:
1) A centuries-old, seriously decaying vampire stalker
2) A crazy faerie ex-boyfriend who is the perpetual bearer of really bad news
3) A major battle brewing between the faerie courts where the prize in question happens to be...Evie herself.

So much for normal.

The Good Stuff
  • Just go pre-order to book guys, don't even bother reading any further -- it rocks! Ok, I promise to finish reviewing properly
  • Just as incredible as the 1st book, which is very unusual for the middle book in a trilogy
  • love the cheeky sass of Evie
  • Give it my highest compliment that it is as good as anything Whedon has written 
  • Lots of twists and turns
  • Incredible dialogue that will make you laugh your ass off
  • Fabulous secondary characters including the introduction of the mysterious and fun Jack 
  • again just want to mention the dialogue is frickin hilarious - do not read it out in public if you are uncomfortable at being stared at when you snort out loud
  • Love the scenes between Evie and Arianna
  • Opening paragraph grabs your attention and sucks you right into the story
  • Some sadness but done so beautifully
The Not so Good Stuff
  • the book ended and I have an ARC so the book hasn't even been released -- how frickin long am I going to have to wait till the final book -- I am so not a patient women
  • Do you have any idea how hard it was to only pick 3 favorite passages from this
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"Working at the International Paranormal Containment Agency might have been close to indentured servitude, and sure, I had some nasty run-ins with vampires and hags and creeptastic faeries, but that was nothing compared to the danger I faced now.  Girls' gym."

"The answer was far too many, but figuring it out was more interesting than, say, paying attention to my English teacher's lecture on gender roles in Dracula - and don't even get me started on that Book. An accurate researcher Bram Stoker was not."

"It was bad enough that half of the local vamps tried to use their mind control powers to convince me I didn't want a tip.
I always want a tip, you undead creeps."

What I Learned
  • That I love Kiersten White and am willing to foster out my children to her  - ok who's kidding who, the little heathens have driven me totally  insane this week and would foster out to anyone
  • Evie is one of my favorite characters
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Everybody should read -- well except for those boring people without a sense of humour. Although I would recommend reading Paranormalcy first, not that you REALLY need to, you will just want to have more.
5 Dewey's

I received this from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review & all I have to say is I LOVE YOU GUYS!  tons of good cookies for you next year at OLA

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