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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mom and Me Mondays (yes I know its Tuesday): Watch Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond #3) by Kathryn Lasky

Watch Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond #3)
by Kathryn Lasky
Scholastic Press
ISBN: 978-0-545-09314-9
Suggested Age: 9-12
Release Date: June 1, 2011
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Description: A wolf's eye view of the legends of Ga'Hoole in this stirring third installment of the Wolves of Beyond series by bestselling author Kathryn Lasky. 
 Born with a twisted paw, Faolan was abandoned as a wolf pup and left to die. But not only did he survive and make it back to the wolf clan, he proved himself to be one of the most worthy wolves of all.
But just as Faolan is about to take his place as one of the revered Wolves of the Watch, a fellow watch wolf goes missing. Faolan is sent to track her down and makes a horrifying discovery - she has been kidnapped by bears. A war is coming between the wolves and the bears, and only Faolan can stop it.

Jake's Review: Mom do I really have to read this, I have no idea whats going on and it is like it is written in a different language. I'm on Chapter 4 and am completely lost.  Ok - fine (mom's note: imagine the voice of a teenager for that fine) I will at least give it to Chapter 10. ....20 minutes later. That's it, I give up, you said I only had to read to Chapter 10 (yet he doesn't remember when I tell him that it is his job to bring in the trash every Thursday)  Sorry Mom I think you really need to begin at the start of the series with this one, I just don't really care about anyone and I don't get all the weird words the author uses. There are no really funny parts and I need the funny or at least something more interesting than this stuff.
Jake's Rating:DNF

Mom's Review: Sorry Scholastic and Author, had no idea this wasn't the 1st of a new series (must have skipped some of the preview).  I read through the whole book and I could see why Jake had such a hard time with the language and the characters. The writing is wonderful and perfect for the suggested age and the characters are interesting, but if you haven't read the rest of the series, you would be quite lost.  I did find some humour in it, but I did get farther than Jake since I am the never give up, never surrender type of girl. The storyline was fast paced and interesting, and I will be checking out the rest of the series and than reread this one to see how much of a difference it makes.
Mom's Rating: 6/10 (prob would be higher if I had read more of series)

We received this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review


  1. Not sure if this is the case here, but the second of the Nate Banks books was sent out as a preview because the schedule for releasing the first one was pushed up to make it available for the Scholastic Book Club in January instead of March. That meant they went straight to print instead of making galleys. They only did galleys of Freezer Burned (which Jake liked almost as much as he liked this book) so reviewers and book sellers got the spoiler-riffic second book instead of the first.

  2. Hey Jake you are probably right on the money there, I never even thought about that. BTW we ended up reading Secret Identity Crisis and really enjoyed it -- We are going to read the other two books as well and do a whole post on the series - probably after we come back from camping. Sort of reminds me of how when Firefly was first aired, it was aired out of order and people were left going "huh"