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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mom and Me Mondays - Part 1: Zac Power, Sudden Drop by H.I. Larry

Sudden Drop (Zac Power)
by H.I. Larry
Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 978-1-4431-0726-6
Suggested Ages:  6-10
Release Date: July 1, 2011
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Description: When BIG hijacks a secret water supply, Zac Power faces yet another dangerous mission. But to rescue the water, Zac has to find it - in the middle of the harsh outback and protected by some of BIG''s deadliest defence systems yet.

Jake's Review:  This book is really cool because Zac gets to play with all these wicked gadgets. There is also tons of action and the book isn't really long so I can read it in one night.  My favorite character is Zac because I already told you he gets to play with wicked gadgets and my least favorite character is B.I.G, but I won't tell you why because that would ruin the book for you.  My friends would definitely like to read this because it is really short and well they aren't the biggest fans of books, so short books are good for them. Plus I think they would like the gadgets and the action. Mom says its like James Bond without the gratuitous violence and scantily clad girls.  I cannot wait to read the next Zac Power book. I would recommend that my school get the whole series.
Jake's Rating: 9/10

Mom's Review:  Zac Power books are always delightful fun. Its sort of like James Bond for the younger set.  This installment will not disappoint. Lots of action and great gadgets.  I noticed this time there were a lot less reliance on gadgets (which was also my complaint with the 80/90's Bond Flicks - Hubby disagrees with me on this though)  which I am very impressed with. Zac actually had to use his mind and his body to get out of some scraps. Love the bit with the IPOD - trust me will be hiding the ipod from Jake.  This is a wonderful series for the reluctant reader as the action is extremely fast paced and fun.  I highly recommend this series for all middle school libraries and they would be a great addition to a class library.  My only complaint with this installment was there wasn't enough interaction with the rest of his family.
Mom's Rating: 9/10

We received this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review

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