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Friday, June 17, 2011

Indigo's Carte Blanche James Bond Event

Last night hubby (Jeff) and I attended the book release for Jeffrey Deaver's Carte Blanche (James Bond) at the Indigo Manulife in Toronto

Jeremy Cammy (the man behind Indigogreenroom) and staff did a fantastic job of setting up this event.  There was Bond music playing in the background getting us all in the mood. The Roulette dealer was awesome and taught us how to play and I ended up winning a lot of chips (no there was no real money involved). The chick beside me was a serious gambler and there was no way I was going to catch up with her so I just quit -- I definitely never have to worry about becoming addicted to gambling.  They also had Indigotini's (mock cocktail) for all of us to sip upon while we played roulette and just had fun chatting with others.  Jeffrey Deaver even came over to play Roulette with us and of course he bet on the #'s OO and 7. He has quite the dry sense of humour too btw!

Than Jeffrey got up to the stage and talked about his writing process, about being asked to write Bond and just a little bit about himself. Hubby was less than impressed with him talking about his writing process, but hey the boy doesn't like books, he just wanted to hear more about the Bond stuff.  After that he took questions from the audience, which as usual I was too shy to put up my hand and ask the questions I wanted to ask. Don't worry I did ask him when we went up for the book signing later. I talked to him about if he has any plans or has been asked to be on Castle like his fellow writer buds James Patterson and Michael Connelly.  He said they were planning on it but since  he is so busy touring and writing he hasn't been able to make it work. I also talked to him about how much control the Fleming estate had over the final product.  He mentioned that they made some adjustments to some of the language and in one scene suggested that James Bond would never turn down a drink even if he was on the job. (Deaver had written a scene where he turned down a drink because he was working & they asked him to change it to stay true to the character)

I was really disappointed by the fact that no one other than Jeff, Me and the staff dressed up.  It would have been so much more fun if other people dressed up -- Their loss - I love dressing up.  I also was looking forward to the James Bond trivia that never happened -- I may not be a gambling addict, but I am so a James Bond trivia addict!  Jeremy and his crew did a bang up (hee hee) job of putting this event together and they should be commended for it.  Jeff even got a $10 gift card from Cammy for his costume -- Jeff is still laughing and says he isn't going to give it to me since I have a book addiction. I showed him I bought the books before he met me at the store. I got a copy of Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach which you guys so have to buy!

Here are some Pictures from the event

Martinis - Encore Catering

Indigotini (Very refreshing!)

Big Slick Party Rentals - The Dealer was awesome!

Pussy Galore (Yeah I so do not suit the blond look)

Ernst Stavro Blofeld & Kitty (hubby wouldn't let me do up his face since we were the only 2 customers in costume)

The charming and very suavely dressed Cammy, Jeremy Cammy

Jeffrey Deaver chatting about his writing process

Me talking to Deaver about when he is going to be on Castle

Car from Carte Blanche provided by Grand Touring Automobiles

My buddy Jenn and hubby Jeff posing with the sweet car
Me totally trying to touch it


  1. More than anything, I just wanted to say how much I liked reading the unbridled joy you clearly got from this event. In my opinion, that's what the fictional world of James Bond is all about; certainly the basis from which Ian Fleming and Jeffery Deaver have written.

  2. What an awesome event! I love that you (and hubby)dressed up, you totally rocked. I also love that you asked him about Castle. I think that they need to do more of those poker cameos and I;lm always thinking of mystery writers I'd like to see. Jeffrey Deaver is a fave of mine so I'd love to see him on there.
    Too funny about Bond never turning down a drink, even on the job.

  3. I agree - those are some of my fav parts of Castle - I've never read him before, but I am a quarter way through the book and really loving the fast paced way he writes